The management that must be carried out at the time of hiring a cleaning service can be very heavy, having to choose between several options to obtain a professional, efficient and serious result is a very tedious process. Beyond the process that can be carried out when hiring a service, either for your home, community or business, there are a variety of elements that must be taken into account. But don’t worry, we do it for you, that’s why we offer you a compilation of the most important requirements you should keep in mind before acquiring a cleaning service for companies.

Do not accept deals with companies that do not have current legality.

This point may seem very obvious to you, but for those who have not given it importance, it is the first thing to keep in mind and be sure of.

To investigate if the service company has this documentation in force allows knowing the guarantees and responsibility at the time of exercising the work. This means that the companies must have civil liability insurance and cover the damages that the workers may have (scratches, fires, breakage, blows, wear and tear due to the use of high corrosion chemicals).

Another important point is always to be able to verify that each worker is hired within the legal margin. Having professionals who are fully insured will always fulfill their work more efficiently. This also allows us to be sure in case there are problems with them, let’s see the example where there is a situation of insolvency on the part of the company, in this case we would be the most involved.

The payments to the personnel must be verified and verified that they are up to date, in the same way it must be assured the fulfillment of the Law of Prevention of Labor Risks. We must know that in the end, the client will be responsible and subsidiary if any type of problem arises. To be better understood; if the company does not comply with the terms stipulated by the law, the responsibility would fall on us. If there is an accident at work or if the company does not comply with the agreed payments to its workers, the responsibility could fall on us. This is why it is so important to verify all these facts before hiring a service.

Seek opinions about the operation and the treatment they give to their clients.

A recommendation that never fails when purchasing any type of service is to look at the opinions of other users or customers of the company we are interested in hiring. In social networks you can easily find opinions and comments about them. Knowing whether the reviews are positive or negative will give you the necessary information to make a decision and even get a little extra information, imagine that this is going through a legal problem or is immersed in a shady business, in addition to other data such as quality of service, etc..

And sometimes it is not even necessary to go to their website, just listening to the recommendations of people close to the business is enough to get an idea of what these people will have for you.

Make a complete analysis of your needs

To do this you must know exactly what are the needs of your company and the services you need.

Then cover all the necessary information about the company, check the rating of their customers, review social networks, analyze their way of transmitting information, the style they use, and know what their review is.

As we already mentioned, the comments can help you, but you can not rely 100% on them, you must go a step further and continue to obtain all the information that is necessary to try to get the best service outside the law.

Ask about additional services

Do not fall into unpleasant surprises, you should know all the services included in the company you decide to hire. Do not make a decision without knowing everything they are willing to offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a company with a good legal basis will not be afraid to answer with clarity every doubt you may have. Question and make sure that it is the right service to hire, that it meets all the requirements of your company.

What is the scope of the service? Can extra charges be generated for any extra procedure? What are the products that will be used? How long does it take to perform the whole service?

Contact companies near you first

Opt for cleaning companies that are close to your territory or area, this could be the best option due to various reasons. If you are in the same locality as the service companies, they can offer you better options. This can translate into lower costs and better quality service.

Don’t rely on promotions

Do not get carried away by all those promotions that you can find in the market, remember that many of these promotions hide products or materials of low quality, which in the end will only end up causing damage to your work that could be irreversible. Always make sure you hire a totally professional service.

The cost of the service and the budget will always be a decisive factor when purchasing a service, so if your budget is limited make sure you get the best based on the price range you are dealing with. Don’t get ripped off or abused.

What should the cleaning schedule be like?

In this aspect you as a client have the power to choose the schedule that best suits the needs of your business, choosing a shift that does not affect the production cycle of the same, or if it is a personal service, your daily routine.


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