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Commercial Cleaning and Insurance: The information that is valuable for you!

No one is exempt from suffering any type of accident of any kind, including an accident at work.

If you own a commercial cleaning company, this job is one of the most exposed, as your employees work day in and day out with physical labor.

And, although you often try to be very careful not to get injured, there are simply times when it is out of people’s hands.

Not only is there a risk of injury in this type of work, but there is also the risk of damage to a client’s property or damage to third parties.

There are different types of insurances, these insurances come into effect at the moment of suffering some type of unforeseen event, depending on the area where a specific person works.

Liability insurances are those insurances that are in charge of covering all types of material or patrimonial damages that a person may cause to another person.

Liability insurance is in charge of compensating for any type of damage caused by a third party.

This type of insurance is in charge of covering the damages that may be caused by the person who contracts the liability insurance.

Now, if you own a commercial cleaning company, the most advisable thing to do is to hire an insurance company that provides liability insurance.



If your company does not yet have one of these insurances, it is never too late to hire one.

No matter how many precautions you take, an accident can always happen, and if it does, you can rest assured that you will have liability insurance to cover you and your employees.

This information should be very valuable to you because it means that if there is any kind of claim, you will be calm in the knowledge that this will not mean that you will have to pay out a huge amount of money if there is any kind of damage to a client’s property or any kind of injury.

Normally, commercial cleaning companies perform these types of activities at the customer’s premises, so there is always a chance of some sort of circumstance getting out of hand, whether it is spilling some type of chemical cleaner, breaking some type of office furniture, or scratching something.

Regardless of whether such situations are unintentional, it is your duty, as the owner of the company, to take responsibility for the damage caused. That is to say, to take care of the compensation of the client to whom you offer your services.

It is for this reason that the best option is always to take out liability insurance.

With the help of liability insurance, your company can keep itself protected, thus safeguarding its overall assets.

 This will give you, and your employees, much more peace of mind.

How does insurance work for a commercial cleaning company?

Insurance against theft or damage

As its name indicates, this type of insurance will cover your company in case of any type of theft or accident that includes damage to work items. These include computers, technical equipment, chemical cleaning supplies, and more.

If your work items are in a very worn-out state, it also includes them and pays the total cost of the item.

Insurance covering the property

Generally, it is not 100% required for a commercial cleaning company to own any type of commercial property. 

However, if this is the case, it is necessary that you require liability insurance to cover your building or offices.

In case of any type of disasters such as flooding or fire, these insurances will be able to cover them.

It is good that, when contracting this type of insurance, you contact your insurer and discuss all the types of claims and accidents that they cover.

If you run your business from your home, it is also necessary to hire the services of this type of insurance.

In the event of a disaster that forces you to stop doing business, this type of insurance can continue to pay your employees for a certain period of time.

Insurance covering all employees

This type of insurance policy covers each and every one of the employees you have in your commercial cleaning company.

Remember that liability insurance covers both property damage and personal injury. While you are working either of the two things can definitely happen.

There can always be any type of risk, it is up to you to make the decision to insure your business.

Why is it important to take out insurance?

The financial side is important in any type of business, including commercial cleaning companies.

Liability insurance can effectively protect your commercial cleaning business in the event of any type of damage, accident, or injury.

All these types of damages can have very serious financial consequences and can result in bankruptcy or very serious financial damages.

There are many liability insurances that offer a wide range of coverage, including those services or products that have been defective.

An accident, although preventable, is never 100% certain not to happen, so you should always choose to be cautious and prepare for it to happen.

This is something that should always be kept in mind, and even more so for commercial cleaning companies, since day after day, your employees will be cleaning with chemicals that could damage some furniture or affect the health of aliens. In addition, they will also always be carrying items that can become very heavy and break.

The more precaution you take, the better. Do not wait for some unfortunate accident to happen before you finally make the decision to take out a liability insurance policy.

If you take out a good liability insurance policy that has good and broad coverage, the risk of your company going bankrupt or going bankrupt due to some kind of accident will go down considerably.

This will give you, as the owner, much more peace of mind. And you and your employees will be able to go about your daily business without any fear or trepidation.

You should also keep in mind that sometimes, for other businesses or customers, liability insurance is a requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Liability insurances are those insurances that protect this type of commercial cleaning company. 

They tend to include damages to people or furniture that may be caused by employees or customers during the time the commercial cleaning services company is providing its services.

This type of insurance covers any type of fall or accident involving damage to computers, televisions, or screens.

They also cover any type of falls, either due to wet floors due to water or any type of chemical product.

If your company suffers after any type of claim, liability insurance covers defense costs and legal advice.

They also cover accidents that your company’s workers may have, some kind of property infringement, loss of valuable documents, and more.

This alone adds up to many positive points when hiring a company that provides liability insurance. 

It will allow your own company to protect itself monetarily, and thus avoid any type of indemnity payments to its clients, also protecting the company’s patrimony.

You should purchase liability insurance as soon as you decide to start with your company. 

See this type of insurance as an investment, since, as I have told you before, you are never exempt from an accident happening.

If you do not have enough monetary capacity, because your company is just starting, you can start by hiring insurance that does not have as much coverage, and then you will expand it.

It is always a good time to take out liability insurance.

If you already have several years with your business activities, and you have never opted to take out a liability insurance policy, it is never too late to do so.

Generally, this type of insurance covers all types of physical injuries. In case you suffer any, you can rest assured that your insurance will cover some expenses.

In spite of this, there are liability insurances that do not fully cover the costs of the damages caused.

Remember that it is not necessarily always going to be about injuries, sometimes your company may need legal help, if you need legal defense, and many times this type of insurance will not necessarily cover it.

It is always good that before contracting liability insurance, you talk to them beforehand.

Having insurance is a matter of prevention. It does not mean that you always have in mind that something bad is going to happen, you can see the liability insurance as the peace of mind, in case the worst happens.

View liability insurance as an absolute necessity for your commercial cleaning company.

You will be able to focus your attention on all the details that your job requires, without fear of something happening, because if it does, you’ll already be prepared.

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