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The latest developments in the commercial cleaning industry. 

Covid-19 Disinfecting

The appearance of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in early 2020 left us all shocked. Nobody expected that in the middle of the 21st century, a disease that has become a pandemic would threaten our lives and change them in the way it has.

The fact that the disease has been declared a pandemic means that it is found in most, if not all, countries of the world. This means that most of us have been affected by the onset of this deadly disease.

Due to the danger of the Covid-19 Coronavirus and its rapid spread and propagation, health authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have found it necessary to suppress its negative impact immediately. And it is not only large organizations such as the World Health Organization that have done this, everyone has had to adapt to the new disinfection and sanitation standards, including small and large businesses. Unfortunately sometimes disinfectant alone is not enough.

Covid-19 disinfectant has been created with the idea of giving immediate and innovative answers to the problem that has threatened us all since 2020: the Coronavirus. The main idea is to offer deep disinfection services for small and large businesses or for individuals who simply require this service.

Protect your business from Covid-19, do not wait any longer.

Specialized deep disinfection services against Covid-19.

Our staff is highly qualified to carry out the disinfection and sanitization process. Guaranteeing 100% effectiveness, thus killing all fungi, bacteria, viruses, and more.

The disinfectants and cleaning products we use are non-abrasive, eco-friendly, non-flammable, guarantee 100% disinfection, and are suitable for all types of places and surfaces. We provide you with a quality experience that you will definitely want to repeat as many times as necessary and we guarantee that your company or premises will meet all the standards established by law and by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our services include cleaning that will help prevent the Covid-19 virus at the site where the service will be provided. In addition, if a case of Covid-19 has already been confirmed within the facility, our disinfectants can also target and eliminate it, within 72 hours or more.

We offer disinfection services that help prevent Covid-19.

Our Coronavirus cleaning company, in addition to attacking cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus within the facilities of any premises or company, helps prevent its appearance. Minimizing, in this way, the danger that comes after its appearance.

This service is carried out even if there is no case of Covid-19 Coronavirus within the premises; our Covid-19 Coronavirus disinfection company allows the premises to maintain proper hygiene so that all risk of the virus disappears.

Moreover, as a company specializing in the total disinfection of facilities and surfaces, we attest that the service provided has been concluded satisfactorily.

We offer high-level specialized services against Covid-19.

We provide services for clients who have suffered a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 Coronavirus in their companies and premises, within 72 hours after its appearance.

This type of service will be provided within 72 hours after a case of Covid-19 has been confirmed on the premises.

Our disinfectants are 100% reliable and guarantee complete and absolute disinfection against Covid-19. They cover all points of contact within the facility and all surfaces. In addition, we provide our customers with a report that guarantees the efficacy and efficiency of our services, in accordance with the law.

We offer specialized services in intermediate disinfection against Covid-19.

This service is especially for those customers who have found it necessary to close the doors of their facilities due to the presence or suspicion of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

According to experts, the longer Covid019 remains on surfaces, the less strength it has, therefore, the intermediate disinfection service covers a period of time after the first 72 hours.

We have a specialized team to clean and disinfect each of the surfaces and contact points of the premises, in addition to disinfecting, our cleaners fulfill the function of preventing any disease or virus and will ensure that your premises or company can return to normal operation in the shortest possible time.

Our services include contingency cases.

This means that you can respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 Coronavirus infection.

Before performing any type of disinfection activity within your business or premises, a survey will be conducted to allow our team to work more effectively and efficiently. This type of survey should be conducted before a case of Covid-19 infection is suspected and allow us to fully assess the site so that we know exactly what to do in the event it occurs.

Continuous disinfection against Covid-19.

If your business has facilities that require continuous use, you should ideally have a designated disinfection company for performing a cleaning and disinfection plan as often as necessary.

It is well known that Covid-19 can live for several days on surfaces, therefore, we, as a Covid-19 disinfection company, know that one of the most important things when cleaning and disinfecting are contact points, i.e. doors, handles, handrails, tables, desks and more.

The disinfection of these points of contact, which represent a greater risk, will ensure greater protection for the facilities, and in turn, to the people who make life inside them.

How does our disinfection company work against Covid-19 Coronavirus?

By now we all know the danger and the negative and deadly effect that Covid-19 can have on our lives. And although vaccines already exist, this does not make us 100% immune, due to the appearance of mutations of the same virus.

This is why we, as a Covid-19 Coronavirus disinfection company, know that the ideal way to counteract and counterattack the appearance and spread of the virus is to perform deep disinfections.

We have the appropriate experience to perform high and medium spectrum cleanings to achieve a 100% effective and lasting disinfection.  Our company of disinfection against Covid-19 also complies 100% with the standards established by law, and in addition, we have the necessary equipment to collect samples that will confirm the type of existing virus in your premises and the amount of existing contamination, and then, according to the results, treat the case of your business in a completely personalized way, complying with the cleaning and disinfection products necessary to combat any type of infection.

We have the best technology available in the market.

Our company of disinfection against Covid-19 has the best quality technology that has 100% coverage, which will lower any kind of danger of infection on all surfaces and contact points of your premises.

In case you need our services, we are at your service to take care of each and every one of your cleaning needs, keeping in mind that the Covid-19 Coronavirus is the main point of attention.

We comply with each and every one of the steps that will make your premises or company achieve the desired results, as established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and law.

In addition, all our products are Eco Friendly, therefore, you do not run the risk of getting sick by the use of any abrasive disinfectant.

When you should consider disinfecting your business.

It is important to always keep in mind that washing and disinfecting surfaces and touchpoints will ensure that the risk of infection is greatly reduced.

Disinfection causes any and all germs and viruses to die in the process, thus ensuring that the spread of disease is reduced.

In order to avoid the appearance of new germs, it is advisable to clean frequently, especially those places where there are more people.

Although it is true that cleaning and disinfection carried out by specialized companies will almost totally reduce the presence of germs and viruses, the people who live inside the premises or company should always follow the protocol established by the World Health Organization (WHO), such as washing their hands continuously, with a soap that kills most germs, for at least 20 to 25 seconds. In case of being in a place where there is no water or soap, it is necessary to use a good disinfectant with 70% alcohol.

In case there is the existence or suspicion of a person infected with Covid-19, all areas frequented by the infected person should be closed. Wit for a prudent time before proceeding to disinfect.

The products used by us are on the EPA N-list, therefore they have already been accepted as 100% effective. Specialized clothing will be necessary to keep the virus at bay. We will focus on those sites where the infected individual spent the most time.

It is important to keep in mind that disease prevention services are just as important as services after a case of Covid-19 has been confirmed.

It is very good that you want to look for companies that can help your facility combat that occurrence of Covid-19 Coronavirus, because if your employees will have less chance of becoming infected. In addition, our service offers and guarantees to minimize the spread of diseases that may be present on the premises.

Our main objective as a Covid-19 disinfection company is to safeguard and protect people, since, as it is well known, covid-19 is a disease that could become deadly. Your well-being will always be our well-being.

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