Janitorial Excellence

With our attention to detail, excellent
customer service, and tailored janitorial
services, you can depend on us to keep
your facility clean on a daily basis.

Lets talk about
cleaning your space

Built with care...

Our technicians work efficiently and
carefully to ensure minimal disruptions
while performing a wide range of
services to maintain and update
your facility.

Lets talk about
updating your space

We are able to offer a full-service partnership for all your building
maintenance and renovation needs. Let Hollywood provide you with
the peace of mind that everything will get done, and that we deliver
what we promise so that you can concentrate on other aspects of
your business.

Services Done Right

With over eighty locations in the New York metropolitan area, Hollywood Building Services has shown themselves to be a vendor that we can rely on for emergency assistance, janitorial services and preventive maintenance. Their response time, teams sent and workmanship have all exceeded my best expectations. They have a strong commitment to quality service, excellent supervision and a well trained staff.

– Karl M. Derleth
Vice President, Construction & Facilities Maintenance, Town Sports International  (New York Sports Clubs)

Electrical Services

Licensed electricians provide quick and efficient electrical services for your facility as well as emergency response as needed.

Green Power

State-of-the-art environmentally friendly cleaning systems that are part of a highly sustainable cleaning program. This program can also cut or eliminate redundant and outdated procedures such as glass cleaning and stripping and waxing floors.

Critical Care

Consistent, detailed cleaning and disinfecting that meets or exceeds the requirements of The Joint Commission so that your facility is ready to pass an inspection and treat patients safely everyday

Network One Electrical Contracting

Electrical services done right by highly skilled technicians. Through our sister company, Network One Electrical Contracting Corp, Hollywood Building Services offers licensed electricians providing full electrical service for your facility

The Power of Green Cleaning

Whether the goal is reduced cost, improved appearance, or a commitment to sustainability, PURETi can make a cost-effective contribution.

Lowering the cost of ownership and maintenance is a challenge for everyone from the architect to the facilities maintenance manager. Keeping surfaces clean enhances the appearance and longevity of the building, and reduces the burden on overworked facilities maintenance departments. A single application of PURETi lasts for 5 years or more, lowering costs and enhancing the appearance and value of the property.

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