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Commercial Carpentry Services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

Carpet & fabric cleaning services crafted to protect your capital investment and your image!


Carpentry services

We offer professional wood, metal work and carpentry throughout the country. Proud of giving quality and accurate service. Offering a full service that includes all aspects related to wood.

We offer different kinds of carpentry services like doors, windows, floors, kitchens, coatings, cabinets, parquets, custom furniture for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living room, among others.

In addition, we like challenges because we build unique wooden products such as trays, bottle racks, heads, and whatever our customers can think of.


We all know carpentry is one of the prior things most people observe inside a home. With professional assistance from Hollywood Building Services, you can start the improvements on your home right away.

  1. Crown Molding: You can improve your room interior by placing crown molding. This beautiful piece will add grace, style, loveliness and beauty to area of the wall. We have skilled experts of all types of crown molding. Providing superb services that install wood, and plastic crown molding.
  2. Shoe Molding: Shoe molding definitely comes at the base of the walls. You will enjoy a thin layer of molding that attaches the baseboards to the floor. Our qualified experts will assist you to increase the grace of your room by installing a shoe molding.
  3. Wainscoting: This is also fine-looking paneling within the room. Wainscoting is a stylish way to add beauty of room. We often observe this type of paneling on half of walls. Our skilled experts will help you to improve the grace of your room.


When you need an exterior carpentry work service, you have to know-how to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

  1. Siding: Just like a new coat of paint, fresh and new siding can change the aesthetic of your house. We see there are different kinds of sidings in market, and we’re ready to assist you while choosing and installing the best for your home.
  2. Trim: Trim in the exterior part of your house is a extraordinary way to add display of color. This will also increase the beauty of your home and improve its look. We have often observed on the exterior part of the house, trim can immensely improve your home’s aesthetics.

We offer you all these services

  • Wardrobe repairing
  • Door lock and Catcher replacement
  • Door installation
  • Door repairing
  • Sofa repairing
  • Carpenter work
  • Drawer repairing
  • Wardrobe channel
  • Wardrobes repairing and shifting
  • Furniture repairing
  • Wooden table and chair repairing
  • Wooden door repairing
  • Furniture polish services

We provide services, for all types of clients, such as individuals, neighborhood communities, insurance companies, or franchises. 

You can hire the best carpentry team for all types of projects by putting your trust in Hollywood Building Services. We have a team of qualified carpenters with extensive experience in the carpentry sector. Our team suggests the resolutions you need with all the assurances of a job well done.

We collaborate with professional workers such as interior designers and other renovation companies.

Routine Maintenance:

  • Door and frame repairs
  • Wood and tile floor repairs
  • Flooring repairs
  • Window frame repairs
  • Door, window, and drop ceiling repairs

We manufacture and install interior and exterior doors, windows, stairs, railings, wardrobes, custom-made furniture and special style, floating exterior, and interior floors, etc. we work the wood from its disinsection to its cleaning, chromatic adaptation, and final protection.

All kinds of carpentry projects

  • Woodwork in general.
  • Bathroom furniture.
  • Custom cabinets.
  • Wood doors & windows.
  • Wooden stairs.
  • Kitchen furniture.
  • Moldings.
  • Rustic trunks, chests, and chests.
  • Drawers & sideboards.
  • Living room tables.

In Constructive Alliance, you are always first. Our qualified staff first consults with you then start the project. You can guide us side by side while running project. We also help you to make a best decision regarding your carpentry project. If you require a unique product we can also do it for you, we have specialists in custom work on request.

At our support center, you can request a free online quote; we have a network of carpenters and wood carpentry companies who will respond to your repair needs that can be presented in your home, house, flat, building, or lodging.

Why trust us?

We provide six month warranty after installation of each carpentry assignment. In this business we have twenty plus years experience. We are much confident about our work.


Are interior doors important for a home?
Yes, depending on the importance we give to the decoration of the interior of our home. We offer a wide range of lacquered doors, which gives a different touch to the interior decoration.

Regular maintenance is necessary or not?

  • A well-maintained home generally sells more easily and at a better price.
  • A well-maintained home is more comfortable.
  • Frequent care decreases the chances of unexpected repairs or expenses.
  • Periodic repairs keep repair and maintenance costs from increasing.
  • An agreement with the lender generally requires the owner to maintain the property well to protect the financial interests of the lender.

What is better laminate flooring or parquet?

If you don’t know laminate flooring or parquet is better, then we’ll explain a little about the differences between the two alternatives.

The first is usually wooden parquet mounted on rails. It usually has greater technical difficulty to mount, so it is usually done by a specialist such as the staff we have. As for the result that we obtain in the space, it gives a touch of quality, elegance, and greater distinction compared to the platform.

Regarding the laminate flooring, it is mounted on the concrete. There is the possibility of laminated flooring and wooden flooring. It is simple to assemble but although sometimes the user can do it himself, the finish that our team of professionals obtains, the result will be fully satisfactory.

We will help you choose the most appropriate material, we will advise you according to the use of one or the other depending on where it will be placed and the use that will be made of the space, since one is scratched more easily than the other, one is more shock resistant than the other, etc.

We have high-quality floating floors, so they are sometimes very close to parquet. We advise you to contact us and we will advise and guide you on the one that best suits your needs.

What does the maintenance of the house include? 

Cleaning the ceiling and gutters, cleaning or painting the exterior walls, cleaning the floors and walls, vacuuming the carpets, maintaining the sink and shower drains in good condition so that the water runs without accumulating, etc.

When I should do repairing and maintenance services?

The maintenance and repairing should be completed as soon as compulsory. Applying the “sooner the better” proposal into practice helps to stop further damage and keeps repair costs from rising. Therefore check your home and yard completely at least once every six months to identify any necessary repairs.

Where can I buy kitchens accessories?

We offer you a place to buy cheap kitchen accessories with excellent value for the money. We help you to buy one of the most important parts of the house at an affordable price without this being at odds with comfort, quality, and attention.

Reasons our customers choose us include:

    • We are certified trained Carpenters
    • We have a zeal for our work; it shows on each job site
    • We extremely care about the outcome of each project
    • Don’t take rest until work done to perfection
    • We provide a high quality result regardless of the challenges


If you need any type of carpentry service mentioned above, Contact our Service Center at +1 718-792-4735 and provide detail of your work as much as possible. One of our staff members will contact you to fix an appointment and discuss your needs and provide an estimate.

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