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Housekeeping Services for your Car Showroom in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

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Housekeeping Services for your Car Showroom

There is nothing better than that precise moment when you see a person walk through your doors and become a loyal buyer. The success of your work is not only measured by the number of cars you sell in a day, success also translates into the image you give to the world. And a good image lies in the neatness, aesthetics and commitment to provide good service to your customers. The cleanliness of your workplace, your car showroom, even the doors of your business, is not easy to maintain. Hollywood Building Services, however, is here to save the day.

They have a wide range of services to keep your dealership clean and shiny, along with great prices and flexible scheduling so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your day, a sale or an important meeting.This company knows what they do and is perfectly qualified to meet your requirements and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact them, but first, read a little more about their services. When you get to the end, you won’t wait a second longer to hire them.

How do they work?

Hollywood Building Services, is characterized by having honesty, responsibility and punctuality as a north to deliver the best service in the hands of their clients. In this way, they are able to fulfill their duty and respond effectively to any doubt or situation. Likewise, they adapt to your requirements according to your workplace, your schedule and the materials the place is made of. Whether its glass, carpet or wood, they have qualified and specially designed techniques and equipment to keep your dealership in top condition.

When you hire Hollywood Building Services, you are paying for years of experience in the art of cleaning, disinfecting and polishing your dealership until it shines brighter than the sun. When performing their work, they create a strategic plan to define with certainty the products and equipment needed to avoid damaging any space.

What do they offer?

Hollywood Building Services, customizes each service package to offer excellence and neatness in each job. Considering that in a car showroom, spaces are generally created with the same materials, such as glass, carpet and ceramic, there are certain services that do not vary. Regardless of the size of the space that requires deep cleaning and maintenance, this company accommodates its services, schedules and prices according to the needs of the moment. Likewise, they guarantee that later cleaning services will be less necessary thanks to the effectiveness of the work.

Glass and window cleaning

You know what they say, if the eyes are the window to the soul, the windows of your premises should be the door to a bright future. A dull, dirty and dusty window is not at all attractive to a person looking for their ideal car. That's why Hollywood Building Services will clean and spot clean your car showroom windows with special products to give them a touch of shine. This way, you will create a good image and people will want to come in and buy a nice car. The window cleaning routine is so simple that you won't even notice its presence.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are usually a little difficult to take care of due to the nature of the material. They stain easily, absorb liquids, odors linger for a long time, not to mention the dust inside the fabric. Hollywood Building Services has the perfect solution to make your office carpet do the talking for you. After a thorough cleaning with special carpet chemicals, the carpet is vacuumed for an extended period of time to ensure that dust and other agents are reduced. But that's not all, consequently, special oils are applied to reduce deterioration and cleaning time, in addition, to prevent liquids from adhering to the carpet. Some carpets require a more thorough cleaning routine than others. But that's no problem for Hollywood Building Services, because they are prepared for anything. Even dry vacuuming, foaming or other effective carpet sanitizing products. At the end of the day, your clients will feel comfortable in your office while you take care of their health, thanks to the excellent cleaning service and vacuuming of particles that can cause respiratory diseases.

Hard floor care

Car showroom floors must be strong enough to withstand the entry and exit of cars, but subtle, delicate and shiny enough for you to see your reflection. Hard floor maintenance is based on pressure washing cleaning, plus a sweeping and polishing system to keep the floor in optimal condition. Hollywood Building Services applies special products to give shine to this type of floors and diminish the damage of the surface.

Exterior floors

The exterior of your car showroom is as important as the interior. Having a clean and magnificent entrance will make potential buyers feel like they are entering heaven, and that is definitely a sure sale. For the floor surrounding your showroom, Hollywood Building Services employs pressure techniques to remove any traces of dirt and grime that may be present, creating a neat and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This service is not just a normal water wash, this company applies degreasers and solvent products to remove any type of stain, including paint, graffiti or bird droppings.

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Why Hollywood Building Services?

Hollywood Building Services is 100% committed to providing a unique service and an unmatched experience. They have the ability to adapt to each space and its cleaning and care needs, and adjust schedules so that their services do not interfere in any way with your daily work. Their staff is prepared to solve any problem regarding the cleaning and disinfection of any space, from a window to the hardest floor. In addition, they perform every job with the greatest willingness in the world and the best of attitudes.

In addition, they are in constant training to provide a more complete and effective service. Applying new cleaning and sanitizing techniques, handling new work equipment and useful tools for each job to be done.
Hollywood Building Services is here to stay and become the leading company in cleaning, maintenance, disinfection and sanitization services for the spaces that need it most.

Why Hollywood Building Services?

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