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Housekeeping Services for Urgent Care in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

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Housekeeping Services for Urgent Care

Cleanliness is a fundamental key to any establishment, whether it is a company, a hospital or a commercial establishment. Keeping the work space clean and in good condition is as important for the health of workers and visitors, as it is to generate a good impression and maintain the aesthetics of the place. For that reason, there are companies that offer a variety of cleaning and maintenance services, according to the place, its characteristics and needs. Such is the case of Hollywood Building Services, a company located in the heart of the Bronx, New York. Read on and find out a little more about this company, the services they offer and why they are the best choice when it comes to having a clean and well cared for space.

What is Hollywood Building Services?


Hollywood Building Services is a company dedicated to the maintenance, cleaning and repair of businesses, hospitals and any type of company, from financial institutions to retail and public venues.

The mission of this company is to facilitate the heavy work to the companies that require its services. In this way, it offers a variety of services ranging from site cleaning to electrical work to repairs and disinfection and sanitizing of floors and equipment.

Janitorial and maintenance services

In hospitals and clinical spaces, it is necessary to disinfect every corner, from the floor, windows and surrounding objects. In order to prevent the spread of diseases and the reproduction of viruses and bacteria that affect people's health. The cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing services offered by Hollywood Building Services are designed and structured to obtain up to 100% cleanliness. They have a special combination of chemicals to eliminate specific viruses, such as flu and COVID-19. Each of the services is designed to remove dirt, dust, mold, mildew and disease-causing bacteria. Such as:

Disinfecting and Sanitazing

In an urgent care facility, dusting is not enough. Due to the nature of the place, Hollywood Building Services, takes care of disinfecting each area to prevent the accumulation and spread of viruses and bacteria, using chemicals and disinfectant solutions, providing a deep and effective cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

In hospital wards, there are delicate materials or fabrics that require a different treatment that does not require the use of water. Dry cleaning consists of the use of special foams or solvent liquids. It also uses pure solvents such as perchloroethylene to remove stains and strong odors.

Floors washing

The washing of floors is a fundamental part of the cleaning and maintenance services of clinical spaces. Therefore, Holywood Building Services is in charge of applying the appropriate equipment and special chemicals to remove any trace of dirt, bacteria or contaminants. Leaving the space completely sanitized.

Hard floor care

When it comes to hard floors, Hollywood Building Services, makes sure to clean every corner with specialized pressure washing equipment, to guarantee the effectiveness of the service. The floor is then treated with special products to leave it shiny and sanitized, which reduces cleaning time intervals.

Glass cleaning

The treatment of glass requires a thorough cleaning and disinfection with specific products. Hollywood Building Services employs cleaning techniques that involve reaching unaffordable sections. They also use specially designed equipment to remove dust while disinfecting and sanitizing easily.

Hard floor sweeping and mopping

Some hospital floors, emergency rooms or waiting rooms require a more exhaustive treatment to keep them in good condition while sanitizing them. In these cases, a sweeping, sweeping and mopping process is applied, guaranteeing a good finish, with minimal and economical maintenance.

Exterior cleaning

The exterior of a hospital is as important as the wards and rooms. So much so, that Hollywood Building Services has a space for cleaning floors and exterior windows, with a pressure washing system to ensure proper sanitation. It also provides a plus in terms of aesthetics and good impression.

Floor buffing

Just as there are hard floors, there are also floors that require a more delicate care, but without leaving aside the effectiveness of the product and the work to be done. This company polishes each floor according to the material they are made of to ensure a useful life and reduce the need to change it later.

Why use these services?

Hospital emergency rooms are constantly exposed to spills of fluids, blood, dirt and biological material, which represent a source of infection and dangerous diseases for patients, visitors and physicians on duty. Hollywood Building Services understands the need for a healthy space and has the equipment and trained personnel to sanitize a hospital room. This company builds a hospital space that is completely healthy and germ-free.

In addition to keeping the emergency area disinfected and ready to receive patients and visitors, it leaves an image of cleanliness and professionalism, worthy of being considered a safe space.Likewise, you create optimal conditions for the medical staff to operate without any additional risk. Thus guaranteeing the health of professionals and a place where they do not have to worry about any complications.

The best option

Hollywood Building Services, is a company that has a trained and specialized team to provide a great cleaning service, repair and maintenance of hospital spaces and clinical rooms. Their services ensure a disinfected, clean and sanitized place. In addition, it has up-to-date equipment, specially designed to achieve a perfect finish, clean floors, shiny windows and spaces completely free of bacteria. Medical staff can work with the assurance that they are out of harm's way in terms of viruses, just as patients will be in a clean and ready to provide special care.

Hollywood Building Services knows the risks of a dirty and dusty place, so its staff is prepared to attack any particle that represents a risk to people’s health.When you hire this company, you won’t have to think about anything else. They analyze the space and create a strategic plan to make it as good as new, establish a work schedule that does not represent a nuisance for the clinical center and perform their work with the greatest willingness in the world.
Hollywood Building Services is the assurance that they will do the neatest, most effective and accurate job.

Why Hollywood Building Services?

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