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Commercial Painting Services in new york, new jersey, connecticut

Interior paints are among of the simplest ways to enhance the look of your home.


Painting Services

Whenever you are in need for a paint job of quality, Hollywood Building Services is the way to go. Since its inception, our company has gained costumers' trust with high quality work.

Painting isn't just used to enhance the appearance but also it protects and prolongs the life of the surface that is being painted or can be used as a way to hide structural flaws and eyesores.

Hollywood Building Services stocks and uses various types of paints such as: latex, enamels, primers, water proofers, block fillers, epoxy, urethane, etc.

Our team of professional painters will provide results on time and provide you with quality work. When you use a professional painting service, you will get a professional result too. We offer you a white-glove service.

The aim of a Hollywood Building Services painter is characterized by seriousness and commitment to produce quality works. Our staff is made up of qualified workers and we have all the necessary tools for any type of project, to deal with any type of difficult conditions.

Services we offer

Our commercial painting services include the following:

1. Interior apartment building painting:
Our interior apartment painting service includes; Kitchen, rooms, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room, shelving, game room, cabinets, living room, ceilings, garages, and many more.

Color Consultation:

If you are not sure about choosing colors for your painting service, and you are struggling to differentiate between glosses, mate, and stain. Then contact our professional painting service, we will provide you hills of options to select the best color that matches your home interior perfectly. 

Commercial painting services:

We are offering you reliable services and professional expertise for nearly 18 years with quality work and competitive pricing. Our success in this business has not been accomplished by expensive rates or falling short of our promises; rather, Hollywood Building Services prides itself on its reliability and commitment to each client in every job.

In addition to interior commercial painting services, we offer a wide variety of skills to increase, guard, and boost the market worth of your property. Our team of more than two hundred expert professionals is trained to complete jobs of any size safely. 

Due to this benefit, we are able to send more professional painters to jobs. That kind of elasticity provides customer fulfillment and sets us apart from other smaller contractors.

Therefore we are offering a painting service performed by expert master painters.  We provide on-time and friendly service to our customers. No matter how small or large the paint job is, we have the highest level of attention to provide quality in our painting services.

Why choose our painting company?

  • We have professionally trained paint contractors.
  • Our painting service with vast experience in the area of paintings and a solid technical background.
  • Our paint job is clean and tidy with special attention to detail.

Our specialty:

  • Using a methodology perfected for years
  • With efficient machinery
  • Without doing several jobs in many homes at the same time
  • Working in the house more painters than another company of painters could send.
  • Provide quality result
  • Professional trained painters
  • Using cutting edge technology
  • Easy accessibility

We are specialists in

  • Painting of interior  concrete walls and ceilings.
  • Painting of various metal structures, air conditioning equipment, ventilation grills, etc.
  • Painting of traffic signs: pedestrian lines, signs, numbering, etc.
  • Painting and maintenance of special wood surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How to choose the best color?

Answer: When choosing the colors and shades to paint the rooms, the corridors, and the living room, it is important to do it with logic. What color do we paint the areas that receive a greater or lesser amount of light? In the rooms, it is advisable to use darker tones on the walls that receive less light and light colors on the walls that receive the most light. In this way, the desired feeling of spaciousness will be achieved in that area of the house. In the living room, you can use different shades in order to separate different environments. The corridors, being elongated, dark, and narrow, usually obtain a correct image and luminosity when the side walls are painted with light colors and the background with much darker tones. Using wallpapers with wide and vertical stripes in this area of the house is also a very successful alternative.

Question: What type and how much paint should I buy?

Answer: You have to give two coats of paint on the wall so that the tone shows correctly on the wall. The best way to know how much to buy is by using our customer care service that will give you an idea about the approximate amount of paint to buy to avoid wasting paint. Regarding the type of wall paint, you should consider whether you are painting wet places, the wall material, etc. 

Question: What’s the perfect color to paint the wall?

Answer: No one knows your business better than you, so the answer to this question is very subjective. Colors are a reflection of personality and are very emotionally charged, so when choosing which color to paint the wall, we are making a decision that impacts our day-to-day life even if we don’t realize it. While we can’t tell you what color to paint, we can guide you a bit. There are colors that help to illuminate a room (usually those in light tones), bright colors such as yellow or orange are ideal for painting. If you are a little riskier you can have a black wall and paint it with chalkboard paint so that every day you can write or draw whatever you want. The possibilities are endless!

Question: How do we paint the ceiling when they are high?

Answer: There are many people with high ceilings in their homes who want to give a feeling of lower rooms. What color should the ceilings be painted in that case? By painting them in shades darker than the walls, it will be possible to deceive the eye and give the feeling of being in a room with less height than the real one.

In the case of having a room that is 3 meters high, which you would not want to give an image of being more than 2.5 meters high, we can paint the ceiling and the upper part of the wall up to that height in a light color, and from there down a chosen darker color. With this type of painting, we will achieve that desired optical effect. To obtain a totally opposite result, our professional painters recommend painting the ceiling white and the walls a much darker color.

Question: Is it possible to give a room a new and modern technique?

Answer: Using decoration trends will give a feeling of spaciousness and three-dimensionality to the rooms where you decide to apply it. To do this, we choose two contrasting tones that look good when used together.

Question: Can you provide interior house painting services? 

Answer: Yes! We have multiple talented workers; they do interior painting. They love their professions, and provide you the service that you want.

Question: How fast can I get my painted job done?

Answer: Our mission is to fix a strong bond between customers and taskers. To be honest, the accurate and exact time frame depends on the scale of your job. Our professional taskers have completed most projects in just a few days. 

Question: Do your workers have previous painting experience?

Answer: Yes. When you use our service to locate professional  painters, you will get a professional worker having experience of painting inside and outside. Before you hire a professional service, you can overview our previous customer reviews and check the photos of their other work.

Question: Can a worker paint a small door or scrap a wall?

Answer: Yes. Our professional staff helps you with all kinds of jobs whether small or large. We sure, they can paint a full facility; they can also paint your front door or any kind of scratches on your walls before you move. When you submit a request, you will get specific details of your job. When this matches you with taskers who are best-suited to your needs, and who have the accessibility to get it done.

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