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Housekeeping Services for School in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

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Housekeeping Services for School

The health and well-being of our children is one of the ideals that move us. To honor this ideal, it is crucial to maintain high standards of cleanliness and asepsis in the educational facilities, which is where they develop most of their activities throughout the day, it is a space where they grow, live with other children and form their minds for the future. Since it is a highly crowded place, it is the perfect breeding ground for germs, viruses and bacteria. But, it’s not all bad news, you can hire the best school cleaning and maintenance service in the region to ensure the safety of the place where our children develop.

Why is it important to hire a Housekeeping for schools service?

As we mentioned before, our main interest is to make safe and disease-free spaces for our children. However, the fact of having a company in charge of the maintenance and cleaning of the educational facilities provides security and well-being not only to the students, but also to the administrative staff and teachers. A clean school without any damage generates a sense of tranquility and security, making the performance of students is higher and fewer conflicts arise. Therefore, hiring companies that offer these services implies well-being and advantages in the development of the individuals who live in the facilities.

How is the selection of personnel made?

In this type of companies that offer cleaning services, the personnel must be of the highest level. In the case of school cleaning, the requirements are even higher. Therefore, for the selection of the personnel that will make up the cleaning team, reliable people are requested and who have the DBS verification (official registration document that indicates the criminal convictions of an individual and is especially requested for people who are going to work with vulnerable groups such as children).

Likewise, interviews are conducted individually and exhaustively by the founders. If approved by the founders, the new members go through a training phase and are then integrated into the work.

Frequency and quality of cleaning

Due to the high number of people in the educational facilities, the cleaning and maintenance of their areas must be carried out at times when it is safe to say that there are no people present. For this reason, cleaning is divided into three defined periods.

In this case, the school’s directors are responsible for deciding the frequency, depth and thoroughness of cleaning and maintenance of the different areas.
However, as a company we offer regular cleaning during the school term, deep cleaning at the beginning and end of the school year, deep cleaning at the beginning and end of the school year, daily and weekly deep cleaning of common areas and disinfection of all areas of the facility.
It is important to note that the cleaning supplies are completely adaptable. They are effective yet environmentally friendly and safe for children.

Tasks of school cleaning services

We have already been discussing the advantages and importance of maintaining a high level of cleaning, disinfection and maintenance in schools and educational facilities. The tasks performed by a company of this type are essential to ensure a safe environment:


Processes 100% adapted to the environment in which they are working. It is not the same to design a cleaning schedule for sites that house children as it is for a university.

Maintenance and repairs

Guarantee the correct functioning of all areas of the educational facilities.


It is no secret that due to the current pandemic, cleaning and disinfection measures have been intensified. This disinfection process is much more rigorous in early childhood education centers due to the ease with which germs, viruses and bacteria are transmitted.

What are the areas subject to cleaning in educational facilities?

Each educational facility is different, however, cleaning services are provided for the following areas:

Likewise, the service can be completely customized depending on the needs of the educational center and budget.

Cleaning services targeted at all educational levels

Cleaning services are not only aimed at school levels, they are highly recommended from nursery schools, kindergartens, preschools, elementary schools, high schools, academies, colleges and universities. Obviously, each institution is different and, therefore, so are its demands and needs.
In order to perform quality work, the characteristics of the institution and the people who live in it must be known in depth. In this way, we proceed to make a planning where each of the tasks to be performed and their frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) are established.

Cleaning in day-care centers and children's centers

As in health centers, children's centers are one of the most delicate areas to treat due to the population that lives in these institutions. It is well known that in daycare centers, infants are at an age where their immune system is not yet fully developed. Therefore, cleaning tasks in these areas must be done constantly and thoroughly, in order to avoid infectious outbreaks of viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, in the process of cleaning these areas, the cleaning products must be of low toxicity since there are countless surfaces (tables, toys, doors, handicraft materials, among others) to be considered in the disinfection.

Cleaning of schools, institutes and educational centers

In these cases, the high level of attendance is the main factor for hiring companies that provide high quality cleaning services. Educational institutes gather a large number of people who perform various activities during the day, therefore, keeping these places clean, disinfected and with a high degree of maintenance, is a relief since it does not create sources of contagion by infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

School Cleaning Services Company Standards

Choosing a company that meets all your needs is no easy task. At Hollywood building services our services are verifiable through our track record and the testimonials provided by our clients, the cleaning staff is always very close to you, we have no extra or hidden costs that may exceed the estimated budget, all our staff has the necessary training and certifications to develop the assigned tasks and all our prices are thought in your needs, are adjusted and profitable for school institutions.

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