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Housekeeping Services for Day Care Centers in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

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Housekeeping Services for Day Care Centers

These cleaning services are considered the most important, delicate and expensive services that this market can offer due to the high level of attention that must be given to each area and for those who are the users of these spaces, i.e., young children. However, it is a highly necessary service to keep these spaces healthy and free of viruses and bacteria that can cause any type of illness. Fortunately, at Hollywood building services we have the equipment, the means and the personnel to carry out this delicate task. We have expertise, years of experience and recognition in the market, in addition to excellent customer service, attention to detail, as well as the use of environmentally friendly protocols.

Why is it important to hire Housekeeping services for daycare centers?

Typically, they are small, enclosed spaces where children and teachers carry out different types of activities during the day. Among young children, infection rates are always going to be a little higher because their immune systems are not fully developed. The challenge is to maintain an almost perfect level of cleanliness, sanitation and disinfection of these educational centers to prevent diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. An important factor to consider in maintaining cleanliness routines is that these behaviors have a positive impact on children, as it teaches them to keep their play areas clean, learn to use toilets properly, and creates a habit of tidiness.

Factors to keep in mind when cleaning daycare centers

Due to the nature of the activities that take place in a day care center, the cleaning requirements are special. They must be strictly adhered to since the sanitation and hygienic conditions of the environment cannot be compromised. Young children are just beginning to interact with their environment and peers and regularly put things in their mouths. This poses a risk of contracting diseases if surfaces are not properly disinfected.

On the other hand, thanks to the interaction of infants within the nursery, infections and pathologies are more easily spread among them. This makes it necessary to clean both the surfaces and the ventilation of the place.

Depending on the surface area of the nursery, care must be more or less strict. For example, if the space is small, the children’s natural secretions are more in contact. Therefore, cleaning must be thorough and effective.

Some children in day care centers still wear diapers, so the disposal of the waste generated must have a good management plan, while the garbage containers must be clean so as not to generate a new source of infection and must be located in areas with good ventilation so as not to compromise air quality.

How should a day care center be cleaned?

A good cleaning translates into comfortable and safe spaces for the children and the teaching staff of the institution. Undoubtedly, cleaning should be performed daily, however, the ideal time to perform them intensively and thoroughly is during vacation periods. Our long experience in this type of care makes us the best option in the market. There is a whole protocol specially designed for cleaning in special facilities such as day care centers for children and we present it below:

1. Ventilated spaces:

The first step in cleaning is proper ventilation of all areas, from classrooms to offices and common areas. This practice promotes natural air circulation and eliminates accumulated odors.

2. Basic cleaning:

After properly ventilating all areas of the facility, proceed to remove visible debris. Waste that has accumulated during daily activities, such as paper on the floor, wastebaskets, candy, chewing gum, food leftovers from lunches and snacks, among others, should be removed.

3. Sweep rooms and accesses:

This step is important to ensure the healthiness of the school. Although this task is closely linked to the previous step, it involves a deeper level of cleaning since it removes dirt that is not visible to the naked eye.

4. Stain removal:

Once the dust and dirt is removed from surfaces such as tables, chairs, desks, knobs and doors, we proceed to remove possible stains that may exist. It is natural that in these educational centers ink stains and other substances are concentrated due to the activities that children develop. In this case, selecting cleaning products with disinfectant and degreasing properties is the key to optimize the cleanliness of the place.

5. Cleaning glass, windows and mirrors:

To maintain a good image of the nursery, improve the visibility of the rooms and maintain salubrity, these materials should be cleaned daily. Even if the dirt is superficial, it can become a source of pathogenic elements harmful to the health of the children.

6. Floor cleaning:

Like many other tasks, floors should be cleaned, deodorized, sanitized, and scented on a daily basis. The main idea is that children are safe and do not run any danger when attending these educational centers. The cleaning will depend on the type and material of the floor; if they are made of plastic materials, the cleaning should be of low humidity to avoid aesthetic and structural deterioration. Likewise, cleaning products should be bactericidal and high-spectrum disinfectants.

7. Cleaning of bathrooms and special areas (dining rooms, swimming pools, locker rooms and gymnastics rooms):

These areas should take special care with regard to cleaning since they are spaces where there is normally a greater accumulation of both organic and inorganic waste. In these places, the use of chlorinated cleaning products is very useful. Following this daycare cleaning protocol is the best option in terms of biosafety and sanitation. In our staff, all personnel are highly trained in cleaning protocols for establishments that have special demands such as daycare centers, medical centers and nursing homes. Likewise, all personnel have the necessary certifications to work with vulnerable groups such as young children. Performing high-level cleaning protocols means that clients will feel safe and satisfied in the spaces they live in on a daily basis.

Final considerations for daycare center cleaning

The use of floor polishers is not recommended. The use of these machines can make floors slippery and therefore, accidents are more likely to occur, as children may slip and injure themselves when running. A cleaning plan should be designed to provide for optimal and efficient cleaning schedules and timelines for the day care center. This design can stipulate the periodicity of cleaning of each area (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly).

We have 18 years of experience in the market, providing welfare and security to all people who choose to hire our services throughout Hollywood. Put the safety of your children in our hands.

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