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Covid-19 Disinfecting

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Covid-19 Disinfecting

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, life itself as we knew it began to change, and continues to evolve. Day by day more flare-ups continue to emerge, more complications develop and the quality of life continues to get worse. COVID-19 began as a virus that produced conditions such as the common cold and in its full-blown stages, caused pneumonia and severe respiratory conditions such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). These, despite being delicate complications, did not usually have as much impact as this variant did.

CDC is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by learning more about how the disease spreads and affects people and communities. We at Hollywood Building services is preventing and reducing transmission and maintaining a clean working environment to prevent and reduce the transmission of Covid-19.

Hollywood Building Services has over 20 years of service disinfecting and sanitizing. This experience allows us to help create a safer working environment. Following the two-step process and our low residue hospital grade disinfectant. Other cleaning systems leave behind residues requiring constant re-cleaning. We use a product that cleans and disinfects without residues. It is a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant, viricide, sanitizer, and fungicidal cleaner and deodorizer. It cleans and removes malodors from hard, non-porous ,inanimate surfaces and is safe for all surfaces not harmed by water. The stabilized hydrogen peroxide in it cleans fully and leaves no residue so you have a cleaner facility without residue build-up associated with most disinfectants.

The product we use is an EPA registered that has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses like Covid-19/Novel Coronavirus on hard, nonporous surfaces. Therefore, this product can be used against COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus when used in accordance with the directions for use against Norovirus and Feline Calicivirus on hard, nonporous surfaces.

All our technicians are fully vetted an insured in order to qualify for a cleaning position. In addition, every technician on our cleaning team must successfully complete our Covid-19 awareness & training accreditation course before they are assigned to a location.  

The way in which this new strain is transmitted alarmed the entire world population. The ease with which it passes from person to person and how silent it can be at the beginning, gave much to worry about. Because of this, the system was forced to implement a method that would delay or at best stop the spread, and this was the use of masks. Unfortunately this method was not enough for what manifested itself as COVID-19, so there was no choice except to apply more drastic measures, such as closures of premises, bars, restaurants, super markets, shopping malls, businesses and public areas, such as beaches, parks, squares and others. All with the intention of stopping or controlling what was coming.

However, things could not be like this for long. This is when alternatives began to emerge for a new normality, in which all public or private centers are forced to comply with hygiene regulations. Hand sanitizer became essential for public health, because nowadays, in order to enter any place, hand soap must be applied, among other hygienic alternatives. Here we will explain some of the measures that must be used nowadays, especially in commercial buildings.

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Disinfection measures in commercial buildings.

Develop a cleaning system.

It is important to consider the type of surface and how often it should be cleaned. It is inevitable that people touch the places where they walk and this leads to that place becoming a risk surface. The higher the risk, the higher the priority should be when applying hygiene procedures and the frequency with which it should be cleaned.

What are the surfaces that should be taken into account?

It is important to keep clean surfaces such as; doorknobs, handrails, railings, escalators, elevators, play areas, shelves or corridors. In the case of public restrooms, keep hand washers, toilets and mirrors clean.

In the case of hotels, it is important to have an adequate control of kitchen instruments such as: plates, pans, pots, utensils, glasses and above all the products to be consumed.

Frequency of cleaning

If the place where the cleaning will be applied is a very infrequent place, once a day will be enough to be in control. On the other hand, if the place is used by children or people who are not failing to comply with safety measures and is quite constant, it is evident that the frequency with which these should be disinfected is higher and this will depend on the establishment and its function.

What are the places where the measures are not fully complied with?

These can be parks, restaurants, gymnasiums, open air markets, cinemas.  These require more frequent disinfection. They usually have a limited capacity of people and also require more distance.

Have the appropriate protective products.

The personnel in charge of maintaining a disinfected area must be trained and must also have all the necessary equipment to be able to perform their duties, something fundamental is that the cleaning equipment cannot be exposed to the virus.

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What equipment should cleaning personnel wear?

Use of gloves.

It must be present in all the cleaning process, once it is finished, a hand washing must be done, the corresponding time is 20 seconds with soap and water. In case these means are not available, antibacterial gel is also a viable option, this should have a minimum alcohol percentage of 60%.

Goggles or eye protection.

Just as gloves are a necessary resource, remember that the virus before touching a surface remains in the air for a certain time and the goggles ensure that they cannot enter through your eyes. In addition, due to the intensity of many chemical products, it is advisable to wear goggles to avoid any damage.


The dressing room should be as closed as possible, this will depend on the place, but it is important to remember that the less exposed they are, the lower the risks will be. Once the workday is finished, the clothes should be removed and then disinfected and washed. For washing, it is advisable to use the maximum temperature allowed and allow to dry completely.

Effective products in killing the virus.

The detergents and disinfectants that we frequently use have the capacity to eliminate this virus, it is important to keep in mind that some are faster than others when it comes to eradicating it.


Soap and water is an effective way to eliminate the virus, remember that this is composed of a layer of fat that covers the DNA molecule and soap has the ability to disintegrate that layer of fat and eliminate the virus. It is the most recommended for household use.


Sodium hypochlorite, which is also known as chlorine bleach, is an effective product against the elimination of the virus. It has been shown that the coronavirus is inactivated when in contact with this product. Simply dilute a portion of this product in a given amount of water.

Sanitary alcohol.

As its main component is ethanol, which is also known as ethyl alcohol. It was studied that the coronavirus dies upon contact with this component. It is important to mention that for it to be fully effective, it must contain 70% ethyl alcohol.

Hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) is also efficient in killing the virus, it is a good substitute for bleach and for its effectiveness it should have a concentration of 0.5%.

Hand disinfectants.

Antibacterial or sanitary alcohol, in the case of antibacterial should have 70% or more of hydroalcoholic solution, for greater effectiveness.

How does commercial cleaning help against Covid-19 and other viral infections?

Let’s remember that Covid-19 has a great facility to be transmitted from person to person, this at the beginning was what forced us to enter a world quarantine; thus causing many people to be unemployed and presenting a great economic crisis.  The measures that are now implemented in the commercial centers allow millions of people to return safely to their jobs and in turn, restores the crisis that occurred and allows the population to have a new normality, under certain guidelines.

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