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Housekeeping Service for Healthcare/Hospitals

A large number of people visit hospitals on a daily basis. These are places where one thing should stand out the most: health. 
Health is given by several factors, and among them one of the most important is cleanliness. Cleaning is that action that allows to eliminate and remove any trace of dust and dirt, in addition, to disinfecting absolutely all surfaces, where the various bacteria, germs, infections, and viruses can make life and proliferate and can affect many more people.

Cleanliness in hospitals is of vital importance since it is what helps to avoid complications and diseases caused by a dirty environment. The main goal of hospitals is to be participants in the health and recovery of patients, and this is achieved, among other things, because of a good cleaning performed periodically in the place. A patient can get infections inside the hospital itself if special care is not taken in cleaning. These infections can be even more serious than the diseases themselves, and can even be, in some cases, fatal. A clean environment is also synonymous with excellence and quality. If your hospital is dirty, your clients will not trust the services provided.

Cleanliness speaks volumes about the quality of the services provided. If the hospital is dirty, patients will definitely want to leave right away. At Hollywood Building Services, we try to take care of the cleaning tasks that are necessary for hospitals. Our professional cleaning staff is trained to carry out the cleaning of all hospital facilities in a thorough and professional manner, taking care of the technique and execution with which the cleaning and disinfection tasks are carried out. It is extremely important to carry out rigorously the cleaning of hospitals, therefore, we are demanding with our work team. This is a delicate environment, therefore, it is essential to take all the necessary measures to take care of everyone’s health. Before and after the cleaning day is over, our professionals will follow all the necessary care protocols to maintain hygiene in the place. 

If there is any area in the hospital that is isolated from the others, our staff will have the equipment and the special insulating suit to be able to safely clean the entire area in question. At Hollywood Building Services, our main objective is to provide a safe environment for all patients and hospital staff who work there on a daily basis. In addition, we develop customized cleaning plans that are specially created to meet the specific needs of the hospital and patients. As a company that provides cleaning services for hospitals, we are able to provide the right solutions to maintain the cleanliness of the place. We work every day to provide everyone with a healthy and pleasant environment.  

Why hire our hospital cleaning services?

Cleaning hospitals is an activity that only has benefits. Cleaning is synonymous with a healthy environment, and it is definitely one of the things that are most valued and taken into account in hospitals. Hollywood Building Services is a hospital cleaning and maintenance company that remains at the forefront of the cleaning and disinfection process. We have a team of cleaning professionals prepared to meet any need and requirement in the area of medical cleaning in hospitals. In addition, we have the equipment, products and materials specially indicated to carry out the cleaning of hospitals in an efficient and timely manner, leaving each surface of the premises completely clean and disinfected. We have worked to create, together with our clients, a series of standards and protocols that will allow the cleanliness and neatness of the hospitals to be maintained.

In Hollywood Building Services, we comply on time with all the tasks that we have planned to perform, our team of cleaning professionals adapts to the schedules established by the hospital, to avoid any inconvenience and inconvenience to patients or medical personnel who are on site. We have a cleaning service that you can count on at any time of the day. We, at Hollywood Building Services, offer hospital cleaning services that will far exceed any expectations you may have. Our team is trained to properly clean every area of the hospital.

Our hospital cleaning services

How does cleanliness help prevent disease transmission?

Daily cleaning allows infections related to lack of hygiene to be present in the hospital or medical center. To prevent diseases from reproducing inside the hospital, you must really know how to clean, this is the reason why it is important to hire only professionals.

When cleaning, it is advisable to avoid the use of vacuum cleaners, since it can raise harmful particles for the life of the patients. In addition, the correct way to sweep will be with the floors a little wet, to avoid raising dust. Absolutely all the furniture must be clean, in order to avoid the spread of diseases through the objects. Daily cleaning and well done has a lot of benefits that will keep your patients away from complications caused by poor hygiene. When cleaning and disinfecting, any type of infection, virus, bacteria, or germ will be eliminated.

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