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Housekeeping Services for Supermarkets in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

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Housekeeping Services for Supermarkets

Visiting a supermarket should be a pleasant experience. The condition of the place will always be a matter of judgment; if the place is in poor condition or with deplorable levels of cleanliness, it will have a significant negative impact on the clientele, on the morale of the staff working in the facilities, and the reputation of the place is at stake.
The above reasons are sufficient grounds to consider hiring a company whose purpose is to clean, disinfect and perform maintenance activities within the establishment, in order to significantly improve the conditions of the place.

Who are we?

We are Hollywood building services, we take care of all aspects related to cleaning, disinfection, maintenance and remodeling of the facilities that need them. Our years of experience precede us, in the more than 18 years that we have been working in the market, our reputation makes us the best option to satisfy these needs. Stop worrying about this kind of situations, you can count on our services that are the best in three states. We use state of the art, sustainable, ecological technology, we eliminate inefficient processes, we adapt to your needs and budget, and we have a friendly customer service system 24 hours a day.

Why is cleaning in supermarkets important?

Supermarket cleaning encompasses all the tasks necessary to keep the establishment in perfect condition. As in many other crowded areas, this type of establishment represents a challenge for companies that provide cleaning services. Likewise, it is important to recognize that each establishment requires special cleaning services based on the level of attendance it has, its users and inherent needs.
In the case of supermarkets, their opening hours are long, the number of visitors is voluminous, and there is a wide variety of products on shelves and in refrigerators that require a different level of care. So, the need to maintain a high standard of cleanliness becomes a little more urgent.
The set of factors involved in a supermarket makes the cleaning process a challenging one, coupled with the pandemic situation prevailing in the world today, requires urgent compliance.

Tasks to be performed in the cleaning of supermarkets

Some of the basic tasks performed in this type of establishment are listed below:

Cleaning of shelves

Shelves are all surfaces where food and other products are placed inside the supermarket. They must be in perfect condition. Naturally, accidents can happen, there may be spills of products, both liquids and solids that can cause the proliferation of fungi, bacteria and insects. It is imperative to keep these shelves clean so that product replenishment is easier.

Floor cleaning

Floors represent an important part of the overall image of this type of establishment. They must be free of stains (for aesthetic reasons) and free of spilled liquids (for social safety reasons). If this task is not done properly, there is a great possibility of attracting insects and other unwanted pests. Similarly, for supermarkets, a number of specialized machines such as sweepers, polishers, scrubbing machines and others are needed.

Cleaning of glass

Due to the existence of shelves, windows, windows and glassware in general as product exhibitors, they must be kept spotless. Dirty windows with stains, fingerprints, stickers, food or liquid residues, give a bad image to the establishment.

Pest control

The appearance of pests in supermarkets is more common than one would like. It is normal that there are sources of proliferation, since in these places food is preserved and accidents occur with it. This can ruin a company's reputation immediately and irreparably. To eliminate or reduce this possibility, cleaning procedures must be rigorous, paying special attention to warehouses, machine rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, among others.

Warehouse and loading dock cleaning

This is the place where supermarket products are received and stored to keep them in good condition for much longer. Cleaning and disinfecting this area can be a challenge due to the number of people and activities that take place there throughout the day. Likewise, the frequency with which this area is cleaned should be frequent.

Cleaning of ducts and air-conditioning systems

As in any other establishment with a high level of attendance, ventilation ducts and air-conditioning systems are always negatively affected. The importance of keeping these spaces free of dirt and dust lies in the fact that they can become a source of infections affecting the respiratory tract of both users and staff of the establishment.

Effective supermarket cleaning involves hiring experts in the field like ours. A team that is committed to the values of the company, adjusts to your possibilities and accompanies you throughout the contract.

Benefits of hiring a cleaning company for supermarkets

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