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Housekeeping Service for Gym in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

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Housekeeping Service for Gym

Currently the trend is to take care of our minds and bodies. Specifically for our body, it needs sports centers (specifically gyms) to strengthen and grow. However, the normal concurrence that exists in these sites makes it a good breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and germs that can threaten the health of its users. As well as for other establishments, there are companies that are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of this type of infrastructure with high traffic. Likewise, the situation generated by the pandemic makes these establishments become high-risk areas for contagion. The influx of people in such a small space, whose devices are high contact surfaces make it a priority area for cleaning services.

Why is it important to hire a Housekeeping service for Gym?

It is well known that sports centers, such as gyms, are spaces that contribute to the physical and mental improvement of people. In these places, healthy habits are created and maintained that have a direct impact on your physical and mental well-being. As we mentioned earlier, gyms are very busy and, this means that many people touch the same surfaces constantly. Studies show that machines such as treadmills and exercise bikes, as well as dumbbells, accumulate more than one million different germs per square centimeter. A high percentage of these microorganisms are highly harmful to health. These alarming figures on the number of microorganisms harmful to health are a compelling reason to hire specialized cleaning services.

Just as we take care of other types of establishments, at Hollywood buildings services we also have cleaning programs for sports centers, fitness centers and gymnasiums. We have more than 18 years in the market, offering the highest level of quality in this branch of cleaning services, maintenance and remodeling of establishments.

Phases of a gymnasium cleaning

It is evident that these spaces must be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis, however, there are areas that must receive special attention in order to create areas for users and employees.

Machine room cleaning

The high concentration of bacteria in these machines categorizes this room as a high priority. It is important to note that there are specific rules for the use of the machines, such as that each user should wear a towel to avoid excessive sweating on the machine. However, controlling this type of situation becomes cumbersome and complicated. Therefore, the personnel qualified to perform the cleaning tasks use special products to disinfect the area.

Locker room cleaning

This is another area that presents a high level of risk of proliferation of fungi and bacteria due to the humidity present in the environment. It is best to hire cleaning services whose workers have sufficient and specialized training to develop the ideal methodologies for this type of establishment. The cleaning should be done with effective products that do not represent an accumulation of gases that put the health of all users at risk.

Cleaning of walk-through areas

Areas of the gymnasium such as the entrance and exit doors, as well as the reception counters, are medium-level contact surfaces. Although contact traffic is medium in these areas, it is ideal to take extreme care in cleaning and disinfection for the safety of the user and staff.

Exterior floors

The exterior of your car showroom is as important as the interior. Having a clean and magnificent entrance will make potential buyers feel like they are entering heaven, and that is definitely a sure sale. For the floor surrounding your showroom, Hollywood Building Services employs pressure techniques to remove any traces of dirt and grime that may be present, creating a neat and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This service is not just a normal water wash, this company applies degreasers and solvent products to remove any type of stain, including paint, graffiti or bird droppings.

What do gymnasium cleaning services include?

Naturally, cleaning services do a comprehensive work of all areas of these sports facilities. But, specifically we have the following:

It is important for you to know that we recognize the high traffic of people that these sports centers represent. Due to this aspect, the cleaning schedules are completely adaptable to the needs of each gym.

Aspects of the cleaning equipment of the companies that provide this service

As any company dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of gyms, we have a series of aspects that make us desirable for hiring. The quality of the work is of a high level, due to the great importance of routine disinfection of the entire establishment. Next, all our employees are highly trained to effectively develop all the tasks involved in the job. It is part of their training to know the best methodologies specifically adapted to the area of interest and, the products used must be powerful and at the same time people friendly since, every day, different people share the same space and the same machines.

In the same vein, all cleaning and disinfection procedures are governed by the sanitary regulations established by the competent agencies for the control of infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Aspects to be taken into account for the cleaning of gymnasiums

Aspects of fitness center maintenance

In some cases, we not only provide cleaning services, but we also have maintenance services for fitness facilities. Typically, these services include:

In general terms, hiring a company to take care of all these tasks in your gym or sports center, guarantees you the attendance of customers since keeping a place like this in optimal conditions, creates a sense of security in your customers and employees.

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