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Commercial drywall repair services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

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Drywall Installation & Repairing Services

drywall repair and installation

Over time, drywalls acquire holes, cracks and dents due to a number of different reasons, such as water damage, doorknob hits, nail holes, etc. These damaged areas must be repaired before they get worse and before a fresh coat of paint can be applied.

Call on Hollywood to repair all types of damage and leave a smooth surface ready to paint. Our services include taping, patching, sanding, and full drywall and demo replacement, if necessary.

Hollywood Building Services offers you a trustable drywall service. This drywall technique also called “plasterboard” delivers maximal quality and professionalism at the best affordable rates. The technique contributes to the renovation of walls at a quick speed. In the case of apartment buildings and commercial buildings, the drywall technique that we offer is very popular in the tri-state area to reform apartments  and give them a new atmosphere.

What is a Drywall system?

The Drywall System is an unconventional construction system that does not use water in its development, hence its English name Drywall, which means drywall. This dry construction system has revolutionized our conventional construction systems.

We offer drywall installation and repair services for:

  • Water damage
  • Dents and cracks 
  • Holes
  • Age
  • Wear and tear

Advantages of drywall

  1. It’s fast: Short installation time.
  2. Lightweight: The weight of the drywall system is 40 kg / m2.
  3. Economical: Shorter execution time of the work, less expenses.
  4. It is earthquake resistant:  Better resistant behavior than other systems.
  5. Thermal comfort: It maintains each environment with its own temperature.
  6. It is an acoustic insulator: Qualified as a highly insulating material.
  7. It is non-combustible: They are composed of 20% crystallized water.
  8. It is immune to fungi and moths.
  9. The galvanized steel of the structure does not rust.
  10. Easy to install:  The installations (electrical, telephone, computer, sanitary, etc.) are embedded and are simultaneously assembled inside the plates.

We offer a wide range of drywall services; we know there’s no job large or small for the service of “Patch and Paint” Pros. Contact us, we will serve you with any of the following projects:

Drywall Repair: Our trustworthy drywall repair workers can take that peeling, cracked, or broken drywall and turn it as good as new.

Ceiling Repair: Cracked, Drooping, or bubbling ceilings are no equal to our drywall ceiling repair experts.

Water Damage Repair: It does not matter how your property was water damaged, we can provide the service of dewatering and restore your home’s interior to its original beauty and elegance.

Drywall Finishing: If you are facing the problem of rough drywall, get it finished flat and horizontal by our professionals in no time.

Drywall Installations: We are providing the service of your choice anywhere in the tri-state area. If you need any kind of drywall installations, get in touch with us.

Basement Remodeling: If you need the service of basement remodeling, we offer you our quality service at cheap rates. Remodeling with drywall is swift and easy, particularly when you hire our professional services.

Detailed Drywall Estimates

Our procedure of estimation is that we go room-by-room, wall-by-wall to make sure that the price on your estimate is nearly the same as the cost on your invoice when the job is finished.

Holes, cracks, and scratches on drywall
Small holes can be caused by a number of things, like a door that swings open too hard. You can avoid this drywall damage from happening again by buying an adhesive backing plate for the wall. Just line it up with the door knob or corner of the door and you’ll protect the wall from future drywall damage.

Cracks in drywall can cause further more complex drywall damage to the entire foundation of the house you live in. Usually cracks form on ceilings where there are traces of moisture

Fixing these problems is pretty straightforward. A little plaster-based putty and a good coat of paint may be enough to leave the area looking new. Of course, if you do not feel prepared for these small tasks, it may be better to have the help of professionals.

Uses of drywall

  • Partitions
  • Coatings
  • Ceilings
  • Architectural details
  • False columns, beams, fences,
  • On roofs
  • Mezzanines
  • Other apps

If you want your business to have an optimization of spaces, such as dividing the large spaces for office space, count on our drywall installation service. When you see the final result you will be surprised to recognize the harmony established by the plasterboard walls.

Big holes

Unlike the case of small holes, if the walls have suffered a great blow, a hole is likely to appear that requires professional assistance. However, there is no need to panic, since the repair of this construction system is as clean, fast, and simple as its installation.

Repair, Finish, Install, Paint, Mount & More

There’s nothing more obtrusive than a hole in your facility or office wall. If you are ignoring drywall service then it can lead to extra damage to your building. Whether you’re putting the final touches on a recent modifying project or scraping up some wear and tear, our workers can get the job done professionally. 

Hollywood Building Services has built a professional repute by delivering an astonishing customer service experience. Before the paint of your preference is applied and before the exterior preparation of the wall is completed, our Company can help you with your business’s drywall revamp needs. We can finish your project with maximal quality and professionalism. 

Get in touch with us

Hiring our professional services is a fast and easy way to renovate your room whose walls are looking damaged. You can also get this service with our interior painting services to fully renovate a space with a bright coat of paint, whether you just want a slight update or a complete color overall.

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