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Housekeeping Services for Medical Clinics in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut

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Housekeeping Services for Medical Clinics

The cleaning and disinfection of medical spaces has always been a priority. This level of asepsis is a crucial aspect for the development of medical activities. From waiting rooms to operating rooms, cleanliness must be at the highest level. But how do we ensure that these parameters are met? The answer is simple. All you need to do is hire the best cleaning equipment for your clinic and here we tell you about its importance and contribution. On the other hand, the current global situation should not be overlooked. Living through a global pandemic that has claimed so many lives around the world prioritizes and sharpens even more the cleaning protocols that must be followed. In our company we are aware of this and we have adapted to the situation to provide the best service.


It is not very difficult to imagine the imperative need to maintain medical surfaces at a high standard of cleanliness. Failure to take the necessary disinfection measures puts many factors at risk, mainly the safety of patients and medical staff, the confidence and, in many cases, the reputation of the clinic. The constant traffic and movement in the corridors of clinics demand a good cleaning and disinfection service to ensure the sanitation of the site.

In the medical field, the procedures to carry out this difficult task are studied by the cleaning team under strict guidelines and regulations. The main role of our cleaning, disinfection and maintenance services in the health area is to maintain a high level of asepsis in health centers in order to reduce the number of virus, bacteria and pathogen infections. In this way we contribute to keep under control the different factors that threaten public health.


What standards are our services based on?

It is important to note that at Hollywood buildings services, in the area of healthcare we are aligned with the following international organizations.

Hospital cleaning areas

In the realization of the cleaning processes, our team of professional lawyers in the matter sectorize the hospital or clinic in zones according to the risk that these suppose. Among the zones we have:

Critical areas

The intensive care unit, clinical analysis laboratories, transplant units, surgical center, high-risk infirmary, are some of the areas considered critical zones because risky procedures are performed there with or without patients, and they usually house patients whose immune systems are compromised or below average.

Semi-critical areas

Emergency area, restrooms, outpatient clinics, infirmaries and hospital corridors, as well as wards where patients with infectious diseases of low transmission and non-infectious diseases are located.

Non-critical areas

In this section, we have areas of the building where there are no patients or biohazardous procedures are performed. These areas are locker rooms, offices, warehouses, administrative areas, among others.

Another way to classify cleaning areas is based on the level of contact they receive. So, in this respect we have two types of surfaces:

Minimal contact or lightly touched surfaces

These surfaces are usually those that have a minimal level of contact such as walls, ceilings and windows; these are only cleaned if there is visible dirt. As for floors, they should be cleaned due to traffic only with water and detergent since it is a high traffic surface.

High contact or highly touched surfaces

Surfaces such as doorknobs, bed headboards and footboards, patient bed sidewalls, IV footboards, dividers, etc. These types of surfaces have a higher probability of hand contact. In this sense, the cleaning process should use detergent cleaning for dirt and a hospital grade disinfectant to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Cleaning equipment

Normally, cleaning services have a set of equipment and tools used to perform aseptic procedures. Obviously, we have state-of-the-art machinery to carry out the process but, among the basic equipment materials we have:

Some aspects to keep in mind regarding cleaning materials are that disinfectant products should be biodegradable and non-toxic for patients and medical personnel, and that while utensils such as buckets and mops are not being used, they should be kept clean and dry.

Types of cleaning

According to frequency and reason, cleaning is classified as follows:

Do not miss the opportunity to hire us as your trusted cleaning, maintenance and disinfection team. We have more than 18 years of experience in the area, we provide 24/7 attention and accompany you throughout the process. We have at our disposal ecological, effective and sustainable cleaning protocols and processes to give you confidence, peace of mind and comfort.

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