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The Benefits of Carpet Spot Removal and Deodorizing

Carpet Spot Removal and Deodorizing in New York

Carpets are made of textile fibers, so they tend to accumulate dust and bacteria, even more in winter time, where people carry dirt in their shoes and end up wetting the carpet. Although many people do not know, we must understand that carpets need care, such as vacuuming them daily in the case of high traffic areas such as offices or at home, which can be every 2 days.  Also have a process of sanitization and maintenance because the fibers tend to be crushed, so they must be professionally cleaned at least every 6 months at home, and at least every 2 months commercially.

There are 2 types of carpets, the fixed carpets that are attached to the floor with some kind of glue that cover the entire floor, and the removable ones, which are the carpets that are usually placed in entrances, areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens or in the bathroom, they serve both to decorate and to maintain hygiene in our house.

When it comes to cleaning and washing carpets, it should be considered that, depending on the material, a professional washing will be needed, since fine fabrics such as Persian, Belgian or Chinese carpets, and even hand-woven wool ones, cannot be washed, normally, to clean carpets, the most used tool is the vacuum cleaner, but it is not always enough. If you give inadequate washing to the carpet, we can even leave it completely obsolete and will touch discard, in addition it is considered of utmost importance to clean them, as they have many germs that you may not know, but we are about to educate you a little more on the subject. 

Today here are three benefits of a professional carpet cleaning and above all the importance of keeping them in the best conditions:

Professional carpet cleaning in New York

Removes trapped dirt:

A poorly cleaned carpet can retain pollutants such as pet dander, insect eggs, such as fleas and ticks, as well as dust and bacteria.

Toxic gasses, bacteria and city smog can be chained to these particles and get trapped inside the fibers of your carpet, this will work against our health and in worse scenarios, with our life, it will also be risky for asthmatic people, as dust can cause respiratory problems.

A professional cleaning service eliminates bacteria and dust through the use of specialized substances that in addition to fulfilling the role of cleaning, sanitize surfaces by removing all contaminants with high-powered vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to do so if we want to live a more hygienic life and take care of the people we love. 

Prevents the proliferation of fungi and mold:

Environments with a high presence of moisture and carpets with very constant exposure to dirt are more prone to the development of mold and mildew. Moisture itself can enter the fibers and affect health, that is why a specialized service will use high-powered drying equipment to remove moisture completely and prevent the development of mold and mildew. We must not forget that we can carry those fungi in our shoes and infect other spaces unintentionally, that is why it is recommended to constantly apply this type of service to our carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning and dusting in New York

Eliminate dust mites:

Dust mites are very common in homes, however, sometimes we are not aware of it. In addition, high exposure to these agents can cause the development of allergies and discomfort. That is why when using a professional carpet cleaning service, steam techniques and specialized products are used to remove these agents and sanitize the surfaces for your benefit. We may think that dust mites only live in bed mattresses, but they are very common in carpets and due to poor carpet care, they live hidden in them for many years, creating allergies and illnesses. 



Along with the second reason that refers to hygiene, we must take into account the aesthetic factor, which is fundamental to having a good presence. By having carpets that are totally clean and cared for, others will have a good impression of our home and even of ourselves. Many times a carpet is what will give the plus to your living room, office or bathroom so that it has the desired look. In addition, its appearance influences the rest of the room, so a clean carpet will give the feeling of being in a spotless and comfortable place. In addition, this way we will also avoid odors that may have adhered to the carpet over time and that, in the long run, are noticeable.

Professional carpet cleaning company in New York

Reasons to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service like Hollywood building Services

We offer you a carpet cleaning service of excellence, more and more customers recommend us for the quality of our work. We take our carpet cleaning services to industries, stores, offices and also to private homes, we are the right people to take care of your carpets!

Carpets are a fundamental element in our homes, offices or businesses. They provide us with comfort and convenience, and at the same time they have a very important aesthetic function that we cannot leave aside. And not only that… They also work to protect us from the cold or as a floor covering when there is a large influx of people in the environment. We can see, then, how carpets never go unnoticed and it is for this reason that we must perform periodic maintenance.

As we mentioned before, sometimes people decide to do a “home” cleaning of their carpets. However, this method often takes a lot of time and in the long run will bring you more expenses than benefits. They often end up in failed attempts, leaving stains or stains on the material, leaving a lot of times bad carpeting, even with germs that come with the life of their loved ones, this happens when people try many times, save a little money, but get a little desired result.

Even if your carpet needs spot cleaning, maintenance can be cheaper and more convenient for the overall hygiene of your workspace or home. The products and machinery required to properly clean a carpet are often expensive and extremely difficult to obtain in the market, also have the risk of misuse of the same and ends in accidents previously discussed.

That is why we recommend you to contact us to know and choose the carpet cleaning service that best suits your needs, we have the trained personnel for this task, which will be responsible for improving this aspect of your life, either at home or at work. Our prices will adjust to your budget, we will do the job you need so you can have your carpets as hygienic as possible, since we perform the maintenance service, we will extend the life of your carpet and with each service will be like new, forget about discarding the carpets or have a mine of germs in it, we take care of it perfectly, so it can continue to look amazing in any space where you put it and at the same time we take care of your health.


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