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Floor Buffing for Commercial Buildings

Many times, people are very concerned about taking care of the furniture in a space, the sofas, the paint, the walls, but they tend to leave the floors aside.

When entering a room, although we often do not perceive it that way, the floors play a fundamental role in the presentation of the area of the room.

Entering a place that has shiny, clean, and spotless floors, automatically makes the person entering the place feel comfortable and relaxed with the area in question.

The cleanliness and neatness of the floors are reflected in how shiny and clean they are. In addition, this creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. And believe it or not, it can also influence concentration and work performance.

As time goes by, floors can wear out, being one of the most damaged at the structural level of a commercial building.

The wear is noticeable when floors that used to be shiny and perfectly cared for become dull, causing them to lose their luster. This can give others the wrong message, that the people in charge no longer care as much about the image of the place.

We know that you care deeply about the image you can give to others, which is why Hollywood Building Services is the commercial floor polishing company you need.

Our commercial floor polishing company has adopted a number of techniques that will give our customers the best results. We perform the best floor polishing and buffing, with the best equipment and the best experts.

Hollywood Building Services has the best professionals, you will, not regret leaving the polishing of your floors in our hands.


If you are interested in polishing and buffing the floor of your commercial building in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, we advise you to do it in a professional way, because, in the wrong hands, you can end up ruining your floors. At Hollywood Building Services, we know that having shiny, beautiful floors will make you and your business look great.

The best way to keep your commercial building’s floors looking new is to work with professionals in the field, which is something you’ll appreciate from day one.
Regardless of the areas that your commercial building handles, having neglected floors can directly affect the management of your business.

The moment we enter a commercial building that has a very good-looking, well cared for, and shiny floor, we can all immediately perceive them (even if unconsciously). And it could be said that the same thing happens the other way around when there are dirty, neglected, and dull floors.

We can assure you, with all certainty, that dirty and neglected floors are rather an invitation to leave since they make a very bad first impression in the first place.

A well-kept, polished and shiny floor immediately makes the person who enters the place feel good, that is, it generates confidence, comfort, and security in your premises.

Floors are not just a place to stand and walk on. Floors should reflect a depth and ability to absorb reflected light, which makes the rest of the place as a whole look impeccable. This will make your business or premises look very professional and well cared for.

Well-kept floors speak to your ability to pay attention to every single detail. And, in turn, they show that you care about even more important things, such as the cleanliness of the establishment. A clean, polished, shiny, and well-maintained floor is also a reflection of you, your facility, and your company’s values.

The issue of floor polishing and buffing is often not given the importance it deserves.

Not necessarily the presence of the floors has to do only with the image that the commercial building can give. Floors in poor condition can also pose a danger to people entering the premises.

Hollywood Building Services is able to provide you with the best floor polishing services you could wish for. So don’t hesitate, and leave your floors in our hands.


What is the floor polishing service for commercial buildings and what does it consist of?

Floor polishing services for commercial buildings are treatment services for all types of floors.

Wear and tear, detailing, imperfections and dullness can give your commercial building the wrong impression to others.
Floor polishing services consist of restoring floors, regardless of their materials, by polishing them, giving them a shine and a brand-new look.

The passage of time is something that undoubtedly affects us all, and floors are not exempt. The idea of us at Hollywood Building Services is to make your floors look like the first time.

At Hollywood Building Services, we want to provide you with a professional, dedicated, respectful, efficient, and effective service.

Our goal is to recover your floors, polishing and shining them. And in addition to that, to maintain them in that state.

In our company of floor polishing services for commercial buildings, we do not use abrasive or aggressive chemical products that damage the floors. We use products that will restore the beauty of the floors of your commercial building.

What types of services do we offer?

We at Hollywood Building Services offer floor polishing services of different types and materials.

These floor polishing services range from marble to all its colors and variations. We use the right products to polish them properly. By polishing this type of floor many times any kind of imperfection will disappear.

We also polish terrazzo floors, which are usually found in commercial buildings or offices. We employ the necessary equipment, which is specialized to bring back the shine and beauty to this type of flooring. In turn, we remove any type of scratches it may have.

We also provide polishing, using the ideal products to achieve excellent quality polishing.

Hollywood Building Services is the ideal company for you if you require any of these services. If you are located in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why we are the company you should trust?

Hollywood Building Services is the commercial floor polishing company with the best track record you can find.
We have been building our reputation day by day, with a lot of hard work and dedication.

You should trust us because we make our customers our top priority. Everything we do is done with a degree of excellence and dedication that is second to none.

Our clients have always been satisfied with the services we offer.

In addition, we make customized plans, which are completely adapted to you. This demonstrates our good faith.

We have a group of polishing and buffing professionals that cannot be compared to others, thanks to the quality of their work.

In addition, we have invested in the best equipment available in the market. All this and much more will give you a floor polishing service for commercial buildings of the highest quality, with the best finishes and details.


How to prolong the shine and polish of the floor?

Use suitable products

This is an essential step in maintaining the polish on the floor. The floor should be wiped once the liquid has been sprayed, as this prevents the product from penetrating the pores of the floor surface and damaging it. The right products can make them look as good as new.

Performing proper maintenance

This step is very important because, without proper maintenance, the floors will eventually wear out and lose their shine. Correct maintenance consists of cleaning the floors every so often with special products to maintain their shine and appearance. In addition, the right equipment should also be used to achieve this.

Use wax

Floor wax serves the purpose of making the shine of your floors last. This is the right way to maintain the floors in your commercial building. It should be applied periodically so that the gloss effect lasts. In addition, it is recommended to have it done by an experienced professional.

Avoid using unnecessary equipment

Contrary to popular belief, not all floors should be cleaned with sweeping brushes. Brushes that are hard cause the floor’s shine and polish to be removed. Care should be taken when choosing the equipment that will clean the floors in your commercial building. There are polishers specially created for that.

Use of carpets

One of the best techniques to prevent floors from losing their shine and polish is to use rugs in the most accessible areas. These will fulfill two objectives: to collect the dirt and to avoid that the shine of the floors is eliminated. In addition, they will also prevent scratches.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that you hire professionals to polish the floors of your business. If the floors are poorly polished, it could cause them to be irreparably damaged. It takes technique and the right equipment to make your floors look beautiful, shiny, and polished. Hollywood Building Services is a company that polishes the floors of your commercial building effectively, efficiently, and safely. We guarantee the best quality in polishing and buffing.

At Hollywood Building Services we will make a plan of action for you, which will be adapted to the size of your premises and the amount of floor to be polished.

Based on that, we will provide you with an approximate cost estimate of what it might cost to polish the floors of the commercial building.

Normally our prices are fully customized. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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