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Top 5 advantages of floor stripping and waxing restoration services

Floor stripping and waxing restoration services in New York

In the interior of any building, one of the most important elements is the floor. In addition to providing a stable and reliable surface on which to walk, it can give a characteristic appearance to the environment in which a person finds himself. Thus, understanding the indispensable role it plays in any structure, it is normal for it to suffer constant wear and tear over time, which cannot be solved with normal cleaners on the market. 

For this reason, the people in charge of its maintenance, i.e. floor restoration services with stripping and waxing, become one of the main allies of homeowners who want to maintain the clean appearance of their homes. Throughout this article, five main advantages of this type of work will be developed.

Professional floor stripping and waxing restoration services

Restoration of the original appearance of the floor

Through the deep cleaning provided by the stripping and waxing method, the impurities that the floor accumulates over time, such as dirt, stains or scratches are completely removed, returning it to its original state and greatly improving the aesthetics of the place.

Soil protection

In addition to the above, this process not only provides clean floors, but also prolongs the life of the floor through the application of wax, which will act as a protective agent against future threats that may try to damage its integrity, lowering the costs of maintenance and cleaning of the floor. 

Saving money in the long run

Restoration with stripping and waxing also represents a great financial advantage for the users of this service. The protection it provides to the floor will allow owners to avoid the costly and time-consuming process of removing and replacing the floor due to deterioration over the years.

Improved safety

The restoration service with stripping and waxing, on many occasions, will help to protect the physical integrity of people and even save lives, since thanks to its restorative properties, it will improve the traction of the floor by eliminating slippery spots on the floor and removing dirt in its entirety.

Improvement of the work environment

The level of cleanliness provided by this method is capable of influencing people’s subconscious. Having aesthetic floors in businesses or offices will provide a sense of order and neatness in the environment that will directly affect both the morale and the mood of workers and customers, impacting positively on the work area. 

Affordable floor stripping and waxing restoration services in New York

The importance of hiring a professional for floor restoration with stripping and waxing

Do not make the mistake of considering that floor cleaning through the stripping and waxing method is a simple task, since the number of factors that directly influence the result can only be controlled and measured correctly by a professional provider of this type of service to achieve a lasting and quality product.

First of all, the importance of hiring a person with expertise in this field is such that the improper use of chemicals or techniques could cause irreversible damage to the soil, thus requiring the implementation of costly removal and replacement processes in order to correct the mistake. An experienced and knowledgeable person will be able to identify what kind of floor a room has in order to adapt the most optimal processes for cleaning and transition to the original state of the floor. Therefore, it is always advisable to avoid doing this work on your own and look for an expert.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that professionals in the restoration through stripping and waxing will be able to provide the highest quality equipment and materials, seeking to obtain lasting results that do not involve long-term expenses for situations arising, such as rapid wear or cracking of the floor by the constant use of chemicals or daily exposure to passers-by. In relation to this point, it should be noted that fully qualified people will be those who, in addition to making an adequate preparation of the substrate, will also prepare the soil with which they are going to treat.

The realization of the pickling and waxing method must begin with a previous cleaning of the surface to ensure proper adhesion of the liquid and thus achieve results with high durability and resistance, which would not be possible without the tools and techniques provided by the professional to carry out this process, which also must be done in compliance with safety standards during the handling of chemicals that ensure the physical protection of workers, avoiding injuries and accidents. For this reason, we make sure that our team of professionals is fully qualified and trained to carry out this work.

Image illustrating Building Maintenance Professional in New York

Why is Hollywood Building Services an excellent choice for floor restoration services with stripping and waxing?

If what you want is the best result when restoring floors with stripping and waxing, the ideal option is Hollywood Building Services, a cleaning and maintenance services company which, among its varied catalog, has this method. Thus, the following are a series of reasons that demonstrate why Hollywood Building Services is one of the best options to restore your floor.

Experience and Expertise

Whether the restoration is being done on a wood, tile or marble floor, our team of professionals at Hollywood Building Services has the knowledge and experience to be able to do the most optimal job for the situation at hand when it comes to stripping and waxing restoration.

High-quality materials and equipment

Regardless of the type of floor you have, you can be assured that our Hollywood Building Services team is equipped with the best products and tools to promote efficient work, which will ensure that the finish of your job is of high quality and durability.

Service Customization

Our services are individual and completely customized. Since no two floors are alike, our team performs all the necessary evaluations and observations in order to take into account the different factors that will intervene in the completion of the job, and thus achieve the best possible result.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

Hollywood Building Services is committed to providing quality service to its clients. Therefore, it seeks that its team relates closely with the client in order to deliver the most satisfactory and efficient experience possible. In addition to this, it includes guarantees on each and every job to demonstrate the high standards of service.

Comprehensive Services

Our services are not only committed to the cleaning and maintenance of your floors, but also offers a wide variety of services beyond restoration with stripping and waxing, such as carpet or window cleaning, among many others, looking to adapt to whatever your needs may be. 

In this way, Hollywood Building Services is one of the best options in the market, since it seeks to provide you with unparalleled experience in floor restoration by stripping and waxing, putting at your complete disposal the knowledge, tools of the highest quality and advanced and perfected techniques with which the team has, in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Our company is what you are looking for if you aspire to have the highest quality and cost-effectiveness at your fingertips.


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