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Overlooked places where germs are hiding in your office

Unfortunately, contact with germs inevitably occurs on a daily basis, even if we are not aware of it. Germs can be hidden in many places, even in the most unexpected places.


A work environment is a place where germs are everywhere. These germs can live on surfaces for days without us even being consciously aware of them. In addition, when an employee is sick, it only takes a few hours for the entire office and its surfaces to be invaded.


It is really very important to keep your office clean, each and every area of it, because, if not, the surfaces may be contaminated and this generates unwanted diseases between you and your employees.


It is certainly scientifically supported that not all germs are bad, in fact, there are some of these that if they do not exist, they could cause our body to not function properly. However, inside the office, most germs are bad for your health. And these germs are found in the least expected places.


Germs and dirt accumulate even in places where everything looks clean to the naked eye. For this reason, it is very important to clean regularly.


Offices are environments shared by many people for many hours a day. In order to avoid germs and infections, such as flu, it is necessary to clean the place frequently.


People who work in offices are in frequent contact with many people who are also co-workers and usually share many things such as office phones, printers, bathrooms, and more. The best way to prevent the spread of these pathogens is to know the places where they hide and maintain good personal hygiene, such as proper handwashing after using common equipment.


This is so that, as far as possible, you can avoid contact with these microorganisms that could put your health at risk.


Inside the office, there are more risks than it seems and most people do not care to pay special attention to them. There are numerous germs and bacteria hidden on computer mice, on the keyboard, on the floor, and the chairs themselves. All these seemingly harmless surfaces harbor viruses that could be the cause of colds and flu.


Seventy-five percent of infections are contracted and transmitted through contaminated surfaces, even when no one has coughed or sneezed.

In these environments, it is necessary to promote good personal hygiene on a daily basis, such as always washing hands after going to the bathroom, covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing, washing and disinfecting hands regularly, etc. Scientific evidence indicates that good hygiene helps to effectively prevent the spread of infections, viruses, and bacteria.


Due to the fact that bacteria can live for days on surfaces, it is not surprising that you can catch a cold even if someone infected touched the surface up to 72 hours before you did.


There are viruses that can live for up to 7 months hidden in places you would least expect.


We will now proceed to explain where germs can hide in offices.

Germ hiding places in the office

●     Elevator buttons or handrails:

There are many people who use the elevators or stairs in the building where your office is located, which means that many germs can find the perfect place to hide in the buttons and handrails. To avoid the spread of diseases through these, it is necessary to perform adequate disinfection to prevent germs from living in these places.

●     Cups:

Coffee cups are one of the perfect places where many germs can hide. In fact, 1 out of every 6 coffee cups in the office could be contaminated by bacteria present in feces. These germs and bacteria can be transmitted from person to person through these cups. It is extremely important that you wash these cups very well or simply choose to bring your own coffee cup.

●     Water dispensers:

This is one place you probably never took into consideration when thinking about places where office germs can hide. Believe it or not, the nozzles of these dispensers are rarely cleaned. As you may already know, many germs can live in water for a long time. To avoid catching unwanted illnesses caused by germs, it’s best to consider bringing your own water flask directly from home. Don’t forget to wash it regularly.

●     The photocopier:

Photocopiers are a favorite hiding place for germs. Ideally, hand sanitizers should be placed next to the copier so that they can be disinfected after use. If there is no hand sanitizer next to the copier, then after use, go wash your hands with plenty of soap and water.

●     Telephones:

Both the office phone and your personal phone can contain 30,000 germs per square inch. Be sure to clean and disinfect them regularly, as they are breeding grounds for unwanted pathogens.

Cell phones have many more bacteria than toilets. We usually forget that cell phones also get dirty, so don’t forget to include them in your daily cleaning routine.

●     Computer keyboards:


Several people within the office may use the same keyboard, this ensures that germs are transferred from person to person. Shared spaces should be the places where there are more cleaning and disinfection measures. If you have your own personal keyboard, it does not hurt to clean it regularly.



●     Handles:


Door handles are one of the dirtiest places in the office. Door handles are places of frequent contact, so germs found there can easily be passed by people to other surfaces in the same office.


●     Bathrooms:


This is one of the most obvious places to think about germs. Many people forget to wash their hands when they go to the bathroom, and when they open the faucet handles or the door on the way out, you may be picking up germs from fecal waste. Consider accessing these surfaces with wet wipes or paper towels to avoid direct contact.


As you can see, there are many germs present practically everywhere and while it is true that not all of these germs are harmful, there are many that are. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly perform a good cleaning and disinfection of the office.

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