Small janitorial services consist of keeping a building or different types of establishments clean through small tasks assigned to one or two people in a day. It all depends on the needs and conditions of the building, office, or residence that needs the service.

Usually, this type of work tends to be related to neighborhood communities or apartments, but these services can be required in any area, business or building that does not require extensive cleaning such as restaurants or businesses where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Deep cleaning services and Janitorial Cleaning services may be confusing, but it is important to note that these two services function similarly but are far from being the same. For example, deep cleaning companies tend to focus on cleaning areas or businesses with a high amount of hygienic demand, such as restaurants or hospitals. While Janitorial cleaning services are much more focused on a pre-set workday that is not as intensive but has important functions for the optimal maintenance of the business or building.

The tasks are quite similar but tend to be for different types of establishments and jobs, and with different intensities that correspond to the pace of work or life of the building in which the services will be employed.

Functions and tasks of janitors

Control of services and external common areas:

This depends on whether it is a community-building or an institution since usually, these types of areas have swimming pools, gymnasiums or meetings, and party rooms. Therefore, the cleaning service is in charge of the control and maintenance of these areas to avoid wear and tear or the accumulation of any type of waste, whether leaves or garbage from the area.

The company in charge of the service grants different types of machines or products to clean each specific area, for example, in the cleaning of swimming pools or gardening services, where the service can also put their hand depending on whether they have previous experience or not.


Commercial janitorial cleaning services tend to also cover cleaning tasks inside the building depending on the particular needs of the place. It can be done by one person or more depending on whether it is a single block or many more, since, as mentioned, not all buildings have the same specifications and needs.

Usually cleaning is based on dusting corners, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning windows and ceilings, among other basic cleaning services to be performed on a daily basis throughout the building or establishment.

 Trash control:

This is one of the most common problems of housing developments, offices, buildings or other types of structures that use these services. So Janitorial Cleaning services are dedicated to collecting and removing the garbage from all over the place to the outside so it can be collected and avoid the accumulation of unwanted organisms in the building, such as cockroaches or different types of fungi that can develop on the walls or floors of the place, which in the long term could cause a health problem that puts at risk your employees to the residents of the building where the garbage accumulates.

The benefits of a constant but simple cleaning in any type of structure are very varied, for example, if we are talking about a residential building we have the benefits that the neighbors do not have to take direct charge of the garbage or things of the other and avoid days of general cleaning that could waste your energy and time. Adding that we avoid disputes between neighbors and prioritize the health of all because as mentioned above, the accumulation of dust and garbage in the long term could cause a serious communal health problem that could put at risk the integrity of older people or children because every time they go out they will be exposed to these components that no one has made an effort to control because they are outside the boundaries of your home.

And as for companies and businesses, they will have the advantage of prioritizing their work and not worrying about cleaning, which is not included in the contract. In addition, it is proven that a neat workplace allows people to have a much better focus on the work and creative environment, so this could generate higher sales in companies and have a higher profit, in addition to keeping their employees and customers happy, because without these two pillars companies can not function properly.

Finally, another advantage of commercial janitorial cleaning in New Jersey is that they are quite inexpensive despite popular belief. And they are a total investment that will definitely not waste your company’s money. Although it is important to look at the type of company you are hiring and their previous reviews, there are some that do not take their work seriously and tend not to do much for a large amount of money which will effectively lose you money.

The ideal is to get information from friends or on the web in order to make a good choice of services and you can keep your establishment, building or office in the best possible condition to prioritize both your physical health and your mental health, as both are influenced by the quality of cleaning that is done around the areas where you live daily.

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