The onset of the pandemic was a severe blow to many businesses and offices that had to close their doors due to the high rate of infection. It took a long time before the authorities could decide whether it was prudent to gradually reopen establishments and offices due to the risks and the need to keep us safe. Now that things have returned to some relative normality, the pawnbrokers and the general public need a guarantee and the certainty that they will be safe in their workspaces. For this to be achieved, it is vital that all companies and establishments remain professionally, thoroughly and periodically disinfected and cleaned, using products and methods that are authorized by the Ministry of Health. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a highly contagious disease that has spread at an accelerated pace in more than 200 countries as of December 2019. With no vaccine, no specific treatments, the first measures implemented to prevent it were to follow a series of extra-hygienic measures. 

Even today, although the state of alarm has decreased and even ended in some countries and people have already started to have direct contact, the cases of Coronavirus infection have not stopped. This is a sign that we still need to remain vigilant and continue to implement preventive measures. 

Disinfection and cleaning protocol against COVID-19 in offices and industry

To perform a disinfection process it is recommended to apply bleach or soap on office surfaces, in addition to this it is recommended to apply hot water in the process, this is because the hot water helps its elimination and contrast with the air, so the drying of the surfaces is done much faster. This allows the availability of the workplace to be much faster and remain clean and disinfected. 

For those companies where shift changes are managed, it is important to carry out a cleaning and disinfection process at every change of personnel, this allows preventing contagions. Similarly for each person it is recommended to wash all clothes used during the day with hot water, with a temperature between 56 and 75 degrees and shoes or slippers are desifenten with hot water and bleach or soap and water. Finally, areas such as hands and face should be washed with soap. 

At the end of each workday, all materials used in the office should be disinfected and sanitized. Using these more stringent methods of cleaning materials, equipment will ensure a safer level of activity in a more secure environment. 

Fogging and spraying

At the moment it is decided to start cleaning methods, the company must apply a fogging process to discharge pathogens. The responsible personnel must be protected with special equipment, applied a disinfectant sprayed with a special machine that does not puddle the surfaces. 

This method is applied close to the floor or walls.  This small antiviral level penetrates into all spaces and corners of the establishment. This process of spraying disinfectants facilitates the treatment of large areas in a short period of time. 

Prior to disinfection treatment against COVID-19 disease

Those areas that are susceptible to damage, such as computers, cell phones, printers and other devices, should be protected. In addition, all personnel should be informed of the measures to be taken from that moment on. 

As the treatment is being carried out, all areas where disinfection protocols are to be applied should be vacated. At the beginning of the process, the first step is to ozonate the space in order to purify the air. The second step is to disinfect and clean all surfaces thoroughly to remove the remains of germs and impurities from all surface objects.

Once the process is completed in all enclosed spaces, open spaces must be disinfected in the same way, since these spaces are areas where COVID-19 is present, which can end up being harmful.

Once the professional coronavirus disinfection process is completed, the air is ozonated again and after the safety period, the treated areas are well ventilated. Ventilation is a good practice recommended not only after a thorough disinfection treatment, but also on a regular basis, as it not only maintains good air quality, but also slows down the virus transmission capacity.

Benefits of disinfection services in offices and industry

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