If your company or business has suffered from a flood emergency, it may seem like the smallest problem in that situation is the quality of the air you breathe. But, believe it or not, if you don’t finish removing the materials that have been affected by the flash flood emergency and if you just clean up the standing water on the site, you are looking at a major health problem for you and your workers. 

Even if you have already removed the protruding water from the floors, there will still be wet materials where different types of negative health organisms can breed, ranging from viruses to bacteria and mold, very common in respiratory illnesses. 

Flood emergencies are very complicated. A single inch of water inside your business can put everyone in the surrounding area at risk. Worst of all, there is no way to avoid it or reduce the problem: It can always happen and doesn’t exist something like flood safety. 

Broken pipes, storms, problems inside the premises, are inevitable things that are not in our hands to stop. But if it does develop, the right thing to do is to find a flood cleanup service that has the expertise and experience. Are you looking for one? We have the solution: Hollywood Building Services at your service.

At our facility, we take care to train every member of our company so that they know how to deal with this type of problem. We will strive to reduce the capacity of the flooding and the possible damage caused by water. 

We strive to have our services available as soon as you call to prevent the problem from spreading further so that you don’t have to wait endless hours for us to be at your door. 

Hollywood Building Services will be in charge of the entire area cleanup and removal of the materials that have been completely damaged. We disinfect the area, deodorize, and will apply special procedures that cannot be applied by inexperienced people who don’t have information on floods, as they include strong chemicals that make sure to prevent mold and mildew build-up in the area. 

Our services consist of: 

Trained and specialized personnel.

Deep cleaning.

Complete cleaning.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Cleaning personnel.

High-risk cleaning.

Why you should hire Hollywood Building Services in an emergency flood: 

We are certified in what we do:

You must never hire someone if they do not have prior experience or certification that they are qualified to perform a deep flood cleanup job. 

As mentioned above, every part of our staff is trained to do the job in a professional manner and with specific machinery/materials for that situation.

Decrease the possibility of running with a fiace of a person who doesn’t know what they are doing, hire us and notice the difference. 

Available at all times: 

We know that your time is valuable and that you don’t have time to beat around the bush, plus every second counts when we talk about flood evacuation. 

We know that the longer the site is flooded, the worse the damage will be. That’s why we focus on being a flood cleanup service that is available right when you need it, when you need it, with no hassles or excuses. 

We have excellent customer communication: 

We know that in those moments where you only see water at your business location and having your customers waiting for you to do something is not very pleasant, you may find that communication with anyone at that time is crucial. Therefore, we have developed the ability to solve the customer’s problems effectively and support them to calm down in the panic of a flood disaster.

In addition, what better communication than rushing to the site with our cleaning teams that can make clear the capacity of excellence that our services have?

As we take action, we will make it clear to you what the plan of action is, how it will be carried out and how you can help make it happen quickly and smoothly. We will be honest in every part of the process to avoid confusion, and we will strive to be in constant communication with you. 

Our reviews in the area are excellent: 

Let’s go outside of our recommendations and look at those of our past clients. We assure you that every review on our website and around our business is totally real, all thanks to a service carried out with excellence and completeness. 

We don’t need to lie to you or fill you with words, our clients will speak for us and make it clear that we are more than a self-promoting business: We are being clear with our objectives and we demonstrate them with facts that we are one of the best commercial flood companies in New York. 

We have affordable costs for all budgets:

We know that it is difficult to get a service that brings together quality and price, so we have adapted our business to different budgets so that no one is left without solving the problems that caused their flood. 

Most of the cheap services don’t have the quality and benefits that you find in HBS, and the expensive ones may be good but not so beneficial for your pocket. We look for the balance between these two branches to offer an affordable service, we do not discriminate between small or very large businesses, our prices are fair and we cater to any type of company or enterprise. 

We know that the expenses that will come with the business flood recovery will be strong, so we do not want to be part of that economic problem, we want to help you if it is in our hands and this is a way to do it. 

We have other extra services:

You can enter our page or communicate with us through the centers of communication that we have enabled for the company to be able to inform you about the different services we offer, which are not only limited to commercial flood. 

Don’t be afraid and prioritize your business by hiring our quality service. We promise not to disappoint and offer our best effort to diminish the range of damage caused by flooding or any other type of problem. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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