We are not talking about a travel service, we are talking about a restaurant; where cleanliness is as fundamental as the food served in the place. Why? We are dealing with food, which can put people’s health at risk. 

Restaurants depend on cleanliness, as it puts their stability in the New York market at stake. Here are some reasons and benefits of hiring a restaurant cleaning service for your restaurant in New York: 

1. No second impressions with customers: 

From the moment they enter the store, the restaurant is pressed under their impressions. And the first thing they check is the neatness of the place. In case the area where they have to pay is a bit sloppy, they are probably thinking that the rest of the restaurant is also like that, and this may cause them to simply leave without even giving the food offered in the place a chance. 

2. It is important to comply with health inspections:

Complying with the laws is fundamental for a business to thrive, so a sanitation restriction will not give your restaurant a very good image. This can be avoided by hiring a kitchen cleaning service.

The kitchen, above all, must be a neat place where certain hygiene measures that prioritize the health of the customer who will try the food are complied with.

3. The right of the employees:

This also has to do with your employees, because they also need labor dignity. It is not at all pleasant to work in a kitchen where you have to worry about slipping due to the layer of grease that covers the floor. And although the cleaning depends a little on them, it is much more dependent on the type of professional restaurant cleaning that you have hired.

4. Cross-contamination:

Throughout the restaurant, there are bacteria just like anywhere else. In case the kitchen is in bad condition, contaminants can easily get into the food and this can spread to the customers. Especially if raw meats are treated regularly and the cleanliness of chopping boards, knives, and other instruments is not controlled. 

In restaurants that care about the quality of the food, they know that it is easier to preserve and serve food that does not have storage problems. It is also important to reduce the amount of waste that gradually accumulates in the kitchen. 

The main contaminating factors that we can find in kitchens are blenders, can openers, spatulas, vegetable and meat storage drawers, refrigerators, ice, water quality, and cold meat lids. All this must be carefully monitored and avoided the accumulation of waste that, even if they look “innocent and in good condition”, can contaminate other kitchen elements.

In case of not taking the recommendations seriously and prioritizing a restaurant cleaning company who will be in charge of the cleaning of these appliances and utensils used in restaurant kitchens, it is easy to generate pathogenic microorganisms that may be associated with food poisoning. The most common are salmonella and diphtheria. 

5. Cleaning services work deeply:

It’s not just about prioritizing cleaning, it’s about doing it right.  Most restaurant deep cleaning services prioritize heavy machinery and products that you can not easily get in a supermarket,  in order to reach the deepest corners of the business.

The cleaning of a restaurant is something very heavy and must be done consistently to avoid problems in the future, but this can not be deeply done by ordinary employees, so you should think, as a restaurant owner, to prioritize the health and quality of your local area and invest in a restaurant cleaning service. 

With them, you will ensure that they are well equipped with specialized products to remove grease and disinfect the entire kitchen area and even in the dining area. In addition, this helps to keep the equipment in optimal condition, so you can increase its useful life and not worry about it for another year.

Lack of cleanliness in a restaurant, especially in the kitchen, can quickly turn into contamination by dangerous bacteria. That, in turn, in sick people, which a health inspection does not overlook, and that is why it is in regulations at all levels. In addition, a clean restaurant will rarely have pests present, which will avoid disinfestation and rat extermination costs.

Other benefits of hiring a commercial restaurant cleaning: 

Among the great possibilities that hiring a restaurant kitchen cleaning in New York offers you, is that they usually work outside the business hours so that you can prioritize the cleaning without inconvenience. Although you can set the schedule at your convenience and depending on the capacity of the company offering the service. 

Most of these companies have packages of services, ranging from small surface cleanings (especially necessary in the external part of the restaurant where the dining room is located) to deeper cleanings that include the kitchen and even waxing. 

You must first think about what areas you want the restaurant cleaning service to clean. 

The main ones to consider are:

After having set a date, a commercial restaurant cleaning company, and the necessary package, it is also important that certain kitchen cleaning procedures are maintained within the premises to prioritize healthiness in the day-to-day running of the business. 

During the restaurant’s dead hours every half hour, you will need to sweep the area, mop, and scrub the floor of the premises. This will increase the capacity of the customer’s first impression and ensure that “If the place is that clean on the outside, your kitchen must be that much neater.”

It is critical to establish a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is fundamental with detergent, it is responsible for removing stains, dust, surface dirt, and food debris. To proceed with disinfection, stronger chemicals are needed to eliminate the bacteria that remained in the area after the initial cleaning, thus avoiding contamination of the food.

Although the kitchen is one of the priorities, we must also consider other areas. For example, we can focus heavily on tables and counters throughout the establishment, even when they have not been used all day. 

This will prevent the accumulation of food or other substances, especially in this day and age where Covid is still in effect and it is very easy to get infected through any surface. 


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