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The Role of Proper HVAC Design and Maintenance

Affordable HVAC installation and maintenance services in New York

HVAC design, or in full words: heating, ventilation and air conditioning, is a process that all companies go through to maintain the quality of the air inside the room, that is, it is responsible for regulating the temperature, humidity, and sets the environment to make the place much more pleasant for the people who work inside the place.  Although it may seem stupid, this goes far beyond a simple concept, the importance of maintaining this system is great. Don’t you believe us? Read on, we explain everything in detail. 

HVAC system in New York

Importance of HVAC design

HVAC designs make sure that in addition to the environment being comfortable, there is health and proper ventilation inside the place, and if this is not done, we can affect the experience of our customers and especially the experience of workers. It is almost a rule especially for restaurants, or companies that work with a heavy environment and with many people inside a local.

Despite the warnings and years of studies on this subject, many companies today continue to operate in a totally wrong way, they believe that an air conditioner is enough, let alone the lack of maintenance. The right way is to make an air conditioning design and maintain a schedule of maintenance activities correct to prevent things like the spread of a virus affects the internal part of your business. And even that your air conditioners are damaged frequently, since the overload of a space could simply force this appliance and take it to the limit. 

Another important consideration has to do with something you as a business owner are interested in: Savings. Ventilation systems spend a lot per month as they are kept in constant use, so a poorly done HVAC system could even cost you 60% more than it should.  Preventive maintenance is also important, as it keeps machinery from being overstressed. The first step to good management of your electrical energy is to invest in a good HVAC and good maintenance.

Finally, the maintenance of a company’s ventilation systems, beyond controlling energy costs, can also influence electrical systems and their functions. For example, most cables that enable telecommunications in buildings have very specific temperature requirements, which if not met, could overheat and become damaged or cause them to fail in the long term until they collapse. 

Professional HVAC system services in New York

How an HVAC system works

The acronyms of HVAC systems are not coincidence or an ornament, each of the letters has an important meaning and that brings a performance or crucial role for the development of the system. Among the components we can find: 

Heating and cooling equipment:

These tend to be the basis of any air conditioning system. The heating, as its name may indicate, are the basis of the heat in the environment. They tend to work through hot water or hot air, depending on what you have chosen for your business. If you don’t already do so, it would be excellent to seek advice before making your decision.

Its operation is basic, the boiler heats the water, which then passes through the pipes and reaches the radiators, or underfloor heating systems. And thus give in extremely cold spaces a feeling of comfort. 

On the contrary, refrigeration is based on cooling and dehumidifying the inside of your building, especially in hot weather or in places where heat abounds, or just in the days. It is usually based on the different forms of air conditioning, whether it is a central air conditioner, a unit air conditioner, a window air conditioner or the split systems that are much more widely used today. 

For much larger sites that require greater cooling, it tends to use a central air conditioning system to properly spread the air.


Leaving the cooling and heating, we find the ducts, which are clearly part of the process. You will be familiar with them if you have seen many movies, are these spaces through the walls where the air conditioning has free passage to be distributed throughout the building. They are very important especially when you have only a high power central air conditioning. 


Although you might think that the priority of an air conditioner or heater is that the air condenses inside the room, this is a very wrong view. No matter how much we want to maintain the environment, ventilation ducts will always be needed, as they are responsible for filtering the “used” air and letting the new air in. Remember that we as humans do not produce more than carbon oxide, so if there is no place for the air to go out, it is likely that we can feel suffocated after a while for not having fresh air to breathe. 

There are two types of ventilation, natural and commercial. The natural ones are those that we can have through the windows or doors, and the commercial ones are those that are connected to the walls and have exits and entrance planned by a professional of the air conditioning systems.


Controls are used to manage the operation of the HVAC system. These controls include thermostats, sensors and building automation systems, which allow for precise control of temperature, humidity and air quality.

Professional HVAC installation and maintenance services in New York

Why hire someone to take over the design and maintenance of an HVAC system? 

Just like any other part of your business, it is extremely important that you have someone to perform maintenance scheduling every so often on your ventilation systems or you can affect the health of your employees and customers, plus the other things we’ve explained in the section on the importance of having a well-structured HVAC system.

A professional company that handles this work will assure you that everything is being done correctly and following experienced guidance so as not to damage any components of your building. Usually companies like Hollywood Building Services will take this into account: 

Size and layout of the building: 

If you don’t have an HVAC system yet, the company will assess off the bat the layouts and measurements of your building so they can give you a well-specified plan on paper that you can evaluate and consider. And if it’s a maintenance service, they’ll likely evaluate the ready-made system structure and accommodate the maintenance plan you’ve previously chosen. 


The climate in which the building is located is another critical factor. HVAC systems should be designed to suit the local climate, with heating and cooling equipment selected to meet the specific demands of the area.

Business needs:

It will never be the same maintenance or installation process for an office building as it is for a shopping mall, companies like Hollywood Building Services tailor to your specific needs so you don’t fear overcharges that could lose you money.


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