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Upholstery Trends for Modern Commercial Interiors

Upholstery services for commercial Interiors in New York

One of the things that few people tell you when you start a business, is that beyond the service and operation that you will offer, it is extremely important that you pay attention to those small details that may not be so small, such as the aesthetic presentation of your business. And how can this affect my business? Easy, the importance you give to your business aesthetics can easily be compared to how much you care about your customers’ problems. But since we know you’re here because you like quality and want a professional opinion, we’ll give you the latest data on trends. 

Upholstery is a practical, easy and quite attractive way to completely restore a room or more specifically, its objects. By simply upholstering a piece of furniture you can change the vibe or style you want to show, and of course it is quite an economical option compared to totally changing the real estate, therefore, you should consider it from now on to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Many businesses choose to work with this material, so there are several imposed trends that could help you get an idea of what your customers would like to see in your business. In this article we’ve compiled pairs of the most popular in recent months, so read on, we bet you’ll run out of here and straight to your trusted upholsterer.

Commercial upholstery services in New York

Animal prints

We are going to specify that the print is definitely not real fur, in fact, this could make many flee as every day people are more aware of the importance of caring for wildlife. So we refer to the discreet upholstery with animal patterns, be it small stripes simulating a zebra or a cow, but clearly with suitable materials.

Plaid pattern

No matter what year it is, this option will always be a must-see. It’s pleasing to the eye, highly aesthetic, easy to match, has tons of benefits if you want to go for a safe option but will still get some admiring glances. Also its grip to every era turns in that the pictures can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Botanical prints

With the new sustainable lifestyles and the large number of people turning to the green side of life, this is a bet that could attract compliments. From small flowers to colors that simulate a much more natural environment, no matter how you wear it, in this trend more is better and you can wear it as you please as long as you like the way it looks.

Tropical prints

If your business has a very fun and lively environment, why don’t you dare to spice it up a bit? It is not necessary to put palm trees and pineapples in your print, but you could try with colorful colors that simulate a walk on the beach, with colorful iridescence and real estate of different textures and shapes. Almost similar to being on vacation all year round, ideal for dining venues. 

Linen, velvet and sheepskin upholstery.

Among the simplest but the most elegant are the linen and velvet fabric upholstery, its composition so basic does not prevent it from being one of the best materials to combine if you are not a big fan of too flashy colors but with a little sparkle that steals the attention. 

If we rely on velvet, if there is a much larger variety in terms of colors, you can find a wine red to a more saturated, it all depends on your taste. Of course, with this material you have to take care of its maintenance so that in the long run it will not look lifeless.

These materials are characterized by their softness, they are extremely soft and their material stands out, so it is recommended that you use it if your business has a good air conditioning system, as it could be a little uncomfortable in hot places. 

Professional upholstery worker in New York

Looking for an upholstery and maintenance company? Hollywood Building Services at your service 

Part of the guild of the most successful companies of maintenance and application of upholstery, and other important services for businesses, Hollywood Building Services stands out for several years in the market and still has managed to reinvent itself and manage new strategies for their services never go unnoticed, their own customers have been loyal over the years for their excellent commitment to customers, and new ones are surprised by the level of problem solving they handle, all thanks to the experience. 

If you decide to opt for this company, you will find a family willing to adapt to the demands of their customers to the maximum, which can help you bring your visions to reality and with a cost probably very affordable, because in this company the priority is that everyone can have a quality service without abusing expenses.

The services offered by Hollywood Building Services is not only limited to upholstery, it also extends to the manufacture of the same furniture, with different types of materials ranging from wood to metal. So if you also need a property that fits what you’ve always wanted, this great organization can help you achieve it. 

There are also the cleaning and maintenance services for the property, from carpets to chairs and more specialized things like kitchens and so on. Here you will find everything you need to keep your business or home in good condition. 

How is the hiring process?

As for the process to order any of these services, you just have to contact Hollywood Building services at the number, email or go to their specific location, whichever works best for you, and talk about exactly what your business needs. You can pre-check the services on their website to get a preview of what they offer beyond what we tell you here.

After that, they will ask you a series of questions about the service and your place, and they will offer you a physical evaluation or directly a budget depending on the service. It should be noted that this company has at the disposal of its customers a guarantee in case something does not go as expected, what more can you ask for to feel safe?

After accepting the budget with planning and so on, you just have to wait for them to arrive at your place and start the work. You will be present during the process if you like or if it is not risky, and the last step is to enjoy a quality work done to your satisfaction and that of your clients.


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