When we have a business, (in your case a retail one), there are many factors that can affect the way a person perceives it, elements such as the smell, the restrooms, the counters, the area where the cash registers are located, everything has an impact. Making a good impression can ensure customer loyalty, so it is important to maintain a good level of cleanliness in stores and commercial premises. Arriving at a store that is in a state of disrepair predisposes the customer to assume that the entire store is in the same condition, which in turn creates a bad experience for the customer.

The degree of cleanliness can affect the buying process. People will always go to a clean store before entering one that is in a decaying state. A first impression can have an effect that is often overlooked or unnoticed.
Every customer that enters your store will be analyzing every detail even before taking the first step inside it, so having a store in a disorganized state will not be a possible option for the customer, while a place with better aesthetics will be the right place for a purchase process.
The quality of the level of cleanliness in commercial or retail stores will influence the time that each customer will spend inside the site.

Quality of cleanliness = Better Business Image

As individuals we should know how uncomfortable it can be to arrive at a store that does not comply with the minimum cleaning policies, an experience that we have all experienced and it is not pleasant. If a customer does not feel comfortable in a store, it will be the trigger for him to leave the place as soon as possible. This is not the experience you want to generate. Ideally, the store should always be clean and well organized so that the visitor will continue to choose your retail business when shopping.
Looking at it from another point of view, that a visitor decides to choose your establishment to do their daily shopping is synonymous with money, money that can even be multiplied, depending on the level of liking that person’s home file.
This being a key element for your retail business and your sales, we want to share with you a series of elements that we consider key when it comes to performing a cleaning routine.

Cleaning routines:


Considered one of the most important elements, especially if in addition to selling products you offer a food service. The bathroom is a space that cannot be in a dirty state, just as in our home, the bathroom must be an impeccable space that transmits harmony and serenity, so its maintenance must be constant, especially if the flow of people is high.

Stained glass:

If your location has a lot of glass spaces, they should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you want to maintain a top feeling in your business, glass surfaces should be cleaned at least once every 15 days. This will allow you to remove all the fingerprints and dust that accumulate on both the glass and the windows. If you don’t clean these areas regularly, the displays can lose their prominence.


Depending on the time of floor you have in your business and the flow of people who visit it will depend on the times in which you should apply maintenance, if the flow of people is regular twice a day will be enough. The important thing in this scenario is to remove all those dirty spots quickly before it spreads.


Boards and tables;

Those places where all the merchandise will be placed must be kept neat. In the same way, we must also do the same with the products. Imagine that you arrive at a place where the shelves and merchandise are full of dust, this will give us to understand that the merchandise is old and it is not worth spending our money in that place, this is exactly what you want to avoid, so you must keep the products in good condition and place them in a pleasant way to the eye.

Lamps and light fixtures:

Dust accumulation on light bulbs or lamps will hinder the brightness of the bulbs or lamps. Surely you have visited a place with a nice light, without blind spots where you can walk quietly and see in detail every product you want, you must visualize this when you illuminate your establishment. If you have lamps, don’t forget to give them a once-over every so often.

After cleanliness comes order:

Many times we have the wrong idea of putting everything in the store regardless of how saturated it may be. Entering an establishment that does not have enough space for the customer to breathe can generate a feeling of anxiety. So you should arrange the place strategically and perhaps change the mechanics of how to display the products from time to time. Also remember to place the most common items at a glance so that it is easier for the customer to access them without getting lost in every aisle. Keeping order allows you to maintain the style you want to give to your business.

We must maintain the original order of the merchandise. We know that with so many products it can be difficult to keep track of everything, but you can help you with planograms. You can also help yourself with color schemes as an extra tool to keep the shelves tidy so you can locate things more easily.
Now you have a better idea of how to keep control over your retail business. Every element plays a role when it comes to attracting customers, and with these tips in mind, your store will surely be full of people and you will have all the sales you want. Besides being a favorite place for many people.

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