Business studies confirm that it is essential to maintain an extensive cleaning to have more customers and be more profitable, and you will think if my business is profitable, what is the need to have a housekeeping service? But it’s very different with hotel businesses. 

A photo showing a beautiful hotel while showcasing the importance of hiring a housekeeping company to keep things tidy and clean all the time.

Imagine you are sitting in a chair at home, watching a movie, and it has a lot of dust on it. Wouldn’t it be better if the chair was clean and smelled nice? You go to your kitchen, and the counter is full of grease and breakfast food, wouldn’t you decide to go to your room to eat? Wouldn’t you prefer everything to be cleaner? I think we’ve made your point. 

A hotel is like a second home for people, so housekeeping is essential to increase the loyalty of the people who visit you constantly. Depending on the type of hotel and what they generally offer, they will need particular types of cleaning that can focus on what is important in the area. That is why it is basic to have a specialized cleaning service that knows what type of site you are dealing with. 

Normally, a person tends to return to a hotel that has offered a nice and neat environment, as this is part of the quality experience that your hotel should offer since the first thing your customers will check before staying in the place is if they have met the cleaning statistics necessary to not feel disgusted or uncomfortable on site. 

Since there are multiple types of rooms and hotels that offer multiple types of experiences, you can add to the plate that you need a type of housekeeping staff that adapts to each characteristic of the place since there is not only one type of room in the hotel services; there are some that allow smoking and even pets, which means they will have extra things that will need renovation. And you even have to consider the different types of services offered by the hotel, such as gym equipment, event rooms, food centers, etc. This means that a business owner will need to consider their housekeeping team well after they have analyzed what their hotel needs. 

If you want to get positive feedback at the end of the day, it is essential to strive to integrate high standards of non-flexible cleanliness that can allow the customer to enjoy their stay. And what’s better than a satisfied customer? Seeing a satisfied customer come back to your hotel to stay because you have served them so well that they want to try your services again. 

Make your hotel brand something positive, that shouts the words “Neat” and “Quality” as soon as they walk through the front door contracting a housekeeping cleaning service. Once the customer realizes this, he will start commenting and this will attract much more clientele. 

Realize that information travels very fast, especially with this new online modality. So it should be a priority to have positive comments that run like the river and attract more customers, not negative comments that will run much faster than the positive ones and could stagnate an entire business. 

It is also important to note that the hygienic capacity of the facilities can also have an impact on the attitude of the people working in the hotel. Having a clean and functional housekeeping company cleaning your place can benefit the work performance and it also counts as preserving the integrity of the worker, providing him with a suitable place to develop his work without inconveniences. 

It is also important to add employees in these areas, so it might be a good idea to add an information program to add hygienic habits to work and persevere the facilities from within the company. 

Need a refresher? Here are some of the benefits of hiring an institutional housekeeping

You can’t offer a second impression:

Your client’s first visit must go well, that they enjoy the place, that they feel at ease, and that they can have a positive experience to recommend. The best publicity comes from the clients themselves, and who knows, maybe they will come back to stay again. 

You keep your brand unscratched: 

Attention to cleanliness and quality of care can help your business have an impeccable reputation both in the area and with customers themselves. The image and reputation of any business are critical to its advertising and revenue, so you need the facility to reflect the core values that govern your business with the quality of housekeeping cleaning.


Thanks to your commitment to the facilities, people will notice that you care about them and that you offer only quality services. It is impossible for domestic housekeeping to compare with the quality offered by a housekeeping agency.

Every detail is important to customers:

You may not consider changing towels, not putting a bar of soap in the rooms, or leaving the TV remote control unchecked, just because they are details. But believe us when we tell you that your customer sees this and much more, and every little thing can lead to a big scandal that can affect your reputation. 

Scents win hearts:

Back to the example at the beginning, you’d rather sit in a clean, nice-smelling chair, right? Your customers would too. It’s not just about cleanliness, walking into a place and smelling nice also greatly influences the attitude of your customers. 

You comply with the law:

All hotels are obliged to comply with the sanitary regulations established in each country to prioritize the safety and hygiene of each client that enters the establishment. So if you want to avoid problems, it is best to adhere to the letter of the laws of your particular country regarding the cleanliness of the place. If somehow a pest gets into your hotel, you run the risk of being shut down if this is not dealt with quickly. 

Especially if you offer any type of service that also includes the distribution of food within the establishment. c

We have come to the end of our article. We hope these tips have opened your eyes to improve the services you offer to your clientele. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, make them the priority, and watch your business grow thanks to the housekeeping business.


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